Monday, February 28, 2011

weekend adventures 20

It felt nice to have a weekend again! Even more for Pat who had Sunday/Monday off after working straight for three weeks (no joke). I feel like a lot of activities were packed into a short weekend. Thank goodness for Sunday, because Saturday felt like it, and I was glad for the seemingly extra day.

friday night
Megan came down afterwork to keep me company for the night, and so that we could work on our robot costumes for Colleens birthday party which is quickly approaching. Have you seen the show Cougar Town? Well, I watch it on and off... overall I think that the characters are funny, especially Bobby, so even though I cannot stand Courtney Cox's character who is extremely selfish and manipulative, I do enjoy her obsession with drinking entire bottles of wine out of her "Big Carl" oversized 'wine glass' slash vase. Me and Megan had been talking about this earlier and decided to go to the Dollar Tree to hunt for our very own "Big Carls" to use for the night. We found vases... sweats, drinks, ice cream, and movies ensued.

Hey Megan, I just found out that you can actually buy Big Joe himself online!

Woke up. Ate breakfast. Watched Space Jam (Jenna's favorite). Had ice cream. Yes, dessert for breakfast. I was having a four year old moment as indicated by Pat. Francisco had posted something about the SJ theme song earlier in the week on Facebook, and since then I had been dying to watch it! It is a pretty ridiculous movie with a lot of R. Kelly music in it. My favorite parts are the bulldog named Charles Barkley, and the fact that Bill Murray plays himself just like in Zombieland.

After some nostalgia we went out in search of some robot party costume inspiration and came back with clothes instead! Epic fail. Corvallis just did not have much to offer in terms of a base idea. I was hoping to find some horrible prom dress at Ross to tear apart and infuse with some parts from Home Depot. This is still the basis of my plan, I just REALLY need to get started!

Rory came over in the morning to talk about the particulars of moving in. Yes, I get yet another roomate with another lab pup named Harlow. I am a little nervous about both dogs together considering Loki is a terror enough on his own and just last week ripped up my favorite winter hat! Just like my poor earmuffs a few months ago. I think he has a personal vendetta against my warm weather accessories!

To celebrate Pat's day off we went to Block 15 to get some food and beers. It was delicious as always. I had an apricot ale and something that tasted like chocolate and raspberries. After hanging out for a few hours we bought a growler of the Bad Bad Leroy Brown and brought it over to Adam for a little visit. Eventually Adam and Rory ended up back at our place for some more beer, pizza, and the Oscars. A strange combination and not your standard Sunday night. There are so many new movies that I want to see now based on the winnings! I have been wanting to see Black Swan and True Grit since before they came out, but it looks like The Kings Speech will need to be viewed as well.

[[ tasty beverages and sidewalk chalk on the table. ]]

Friday, February 25, 2011

"are your parents home?"

First of all, I forgot to mention on my post yesterday that it was my lovely friend Colleen's birthday! (2/24) HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLLEEN! (its ok because I made it facebook official, which is ridiculous by the way) Birthday card in the works... It also means that I am officially 24.5 years old, (which is crazy, I still feel 21 most of the time). So a merry unbirthday to me.

On the note of age... Funny Story...

I came home today for lunch to meet Pat, as usual. While we were making some tuna melts there was a knock on the front door... I answered the door thinking it would be someone from UPS or something along those lines, and was greeted by what I would imagine to have been solicitors selling a product, or their church. I thought to myself, well this sucks, because I hate to sound like a jerk to those people, but at the same time, I assure you I do not want what you are selling.

BUT to my surprise their greeting was, "Hi, are your parents home?" While trying REALLY hard to suppress my laughter and slight shock, I figured, I might as well go with it. The rest of the conversation went as follows:

"No, they are at work right now." - me
"Is there anyone here over 18 right now?" - them
"Nope, it is just me." - me (which by the way I would have NEVER said in high school)
"Ok, we will come back some other time." - them

Door closed. Laughter ensued. Facebook status updated.

To give them the benefit of the doubt we do live in a family looking home, I am hardly wearing any makeup today, my sweater has a childish floral pattern on it, and I have a neon orange headband in my hair... but seriously 16? 17? Come on now.

[[ f21 floral sweater & modcloth boots. ]]

Alright, time to go enjoy the start of my weekend. I have some freelancing to work on, and some robot costume making to commence. Hurry up and get here Meguenther!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

second snow of the season

The weather forecast has been threatening snow all week! Finally last night it started to dump after some feeble attempts earlier in the afternoon. I woke up this morning to the silentness of a snow covered backyard view from my bedroom window, and was able to lay there for a while and watch the giant flakes come down. There are not many things as beautiful as snow in the morning when everything is still.

Based on the fact that literally every public school in the state of Oregon was closed because of the weather (we are wimps) I was really hoping for a snow day as well... but, no such luck. Sadly, the snow did not last and by mid afternoon was pretty much diminished completely. Pat and Hayden did manage to build a snowman for our front yard though before it all went away. I am sure he is still guarding the front door.

I, of course, got some pictures this morning before the snow was too tainted by the warming weather.

[[ my backyard as seen through my bedroom window. loki playing. my street. footprints. making my own tracks in combat boots. cold weather clothes. silent street. branches. our snowman, ruprect, complete with hat and scarf. ]]

For now, I am getting ready to meet up with a girl from my work named Cassie who is getting married this summer and asked me to do her invitations for her! Perfect timing since I have weddings on my mind based on recent events. Hopefully tonight I can get a better understanding of what she is looking for and create something amazing for her and her man! Wish me luck.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

midweek inspiration 4

I stumbled across these earlier in the week and fell in love! Tiff sort of made me obsessed with succulents since she used so many of them for her wedding, and I came to realize how glorious they are. PlaidPigeon, an Etsy vendor, takes old plastic toy figures and turns them into flower pots complete with beautiful succulents! They are bright, silly, and serve a purpose at the same time, so of course I want some asap.

The dinosaur ones are my favorite, however there only seems to be one for sale at a time, so they are a little hard to come by. I think a whole army of them would look great in a sunlit windowsill.

[[ ogden the rhino. max the allosaurus. asther the apatosaurus. henry the hippopotamus. ]]

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Me and Pat live in Corvallis, a college town... we are both OSU alumni, and now Pat works with the Athletic Department, therefore at the moment, we are pretty much grounded to this small town overrun with students. We have recently come to the conclusion that just because we are sort of stuck in this college town, it does not mean that we have to continue to live like college students. Basically, we have both decided that we need our OWN place, independent of roomates. (finally!)

There is one major problem to this plan. I do not understand how real people can afford to live in this town!
The pricing system is so messed up here from cramming extra people into seemingly nice homes and just running them into the ground. At this point it seems as though anything suitable to our standards, meaning clean, a good amount of square feet, in a decent location, and two bedrooms, is impossible to come by unless we are willing to pay 2,000 a month, and even then there is no guarantee of a garage or yard of any kind. Ridiculous.

I am feeling a little discouraged at the moment, and we have barely even gotten started...
Is it too much to ask for a little place of our own where we can start to collect some nice things together?

Design Sponge has some really awesome and inspiring DIY projects that other people have tackled to fulfill their interior design aesthetics. Here are some of my favorite projects so far:

[[ an old wooden door turned headboard. an old mirror frame painted and turned into a fabric backed headboard. two eclectic office spaces. favorite items displayed in glass containers that were previously used for clocks. a pantry turned office. dark and light bedroom. interesting wall decor using old picture frames. wall patters with paint and chalk. ]]

Ever since I went to Crate & Barrel with Pat a few weekends ago, I am really into the combination of grey/black, white, and yellow room accents. It looks dark and classic but adds a fun pop of color. Who knew?

Monday, February 21, 2011

"did you miss your state champs?"

Hello again. I cannot believe it is the start of another week again already! I spent ALL weekend working at a Volleyball Tournament with Pat for some extra money. Not very exciting, so no weekend adventures this week. Instead... I will be talking about something that happened two weekends ago on the 12th, and no, this time I do not mean the wedding.

February twelfth while we were all up at the mountain celebrating Tiff & Jason's nuptials, my little sisters and their cheer team were competing in the yearly All State competition. And guess what??!! They WON! I was so sad that I had to miss it (again), but it was for a good reason. Regardless, they still deserve a shout out, even if it is a week late. (Jenna, who is a senior this year, also got an award for her individual). Good job girls!!! The best part is that they were the total underdogs this season, working super hard and changing their routine almost every competition to try and bring home a win. Success.

[[ my littles: jenna, senior. meagan, junior. state champs. ]]

If you do not appreciate all of the yelling and chanting that goes along with cheerleading, do not write it off just yet... take a look at their routine and just try to tell me that there is not some major athleticism involved. I certainly cannot flip around or balance like that! 

((( jenna starts out in the front second from the left, and flips all the way across. meagan is a flyer, and starts out in the center )))

Friday, February 18, 2011

the wedding - tiff & jason

Ready for a super image heavy post of pictures from Tiff's wedding??!!
I know I am!

It took me a looooong time to go through all of these and pick out all of the good ones, and I know people are going to get mad at me if I don't put them up on facebook soon... (sorry peeps, I have been suuuuper busy with work this week)! Anyway, here is what you have to look forward to... Enjoy!

[[ the group. i dos. bridesmaids. friends posing together. father daughter dance. first dance. dancing. ring pop twin powers! silly faces. the bernie dance. goodnight! ]]

P.S. Most of these are from my camera, but a few of them are pulled off of facebook (some of which belong to A.P. so thank you!)

P.P.S. I am super excited to see the REAL pictures the photographer took!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

weekend adventures 19 :: t&j wedding

I usually don't post these so late in the week, but I could not decide if I wanted to do one or not since everything is all about the wedding, which I will have an additional post for tomorrow. Anyway, last weekend I went up to the base of Mt. Hood to celebrate Tiff & Jason's wedding! It was a really fun, cold, and super busy weekend.

I took Friday off so that I would be able to get to Portland in the morning and ride with Tiff to the mountain. Thinking that we were leaving at 11, I got up super early, took a shower, grabbed my bags, and ran out the door. As it turns out we did not end up getting up to the resort until late afternoon instead. I rode in the back seat with Tiff, Cooper (her puppy), luggage, and a box full of succulents.

We hung out for a little while after check in, but then I had to rush off to my room with Ashley Mellott, another one of Tiffs bridesmaids, to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. (I was really excited about wearing a new dress that I purchased from Modcloth for the occasion). The rehearsal was totally surreal..... I met all of the groomsmen for the first time, and then there we were practicing walking down the aisle. When Tiff and Jason finally came down and practiced everything got really really real all of the sudden. I remember thinking "oh my god, she is actually getting married tomorrow!" What is completely remarkable to me though is the fact that Tiff was completely calm the whole time. I think I would have been freaking out.

After practice we headed to a place in the tiny town called ZigZag for dinner, which J's parents were hosting. There was so much unhealthy food there oh my god. Pizza was one of the appetizers.... I stuck to salad. By the time all of this was over I was seriously so exhausted that all I wanted to do was pass out, so all the girls in the wedding party ditched out early to get some sleep.

[[ ashley p/tiffany the bride/sister alicia/me. dinner wine. tiff & her ribbon bouquet. the bridesmaids. ]] 

I shared a room with two of the other bridesmaids, both named Ashley... so we had to ration out the shower and bathroom so that everyone had enough time to get ready for the day. Us girls all met up for breakfast at the hotel, and then it was off to the Bridal Suite to start getting our hair and makeup done. Tiff obviously went first because her and Jason had some private pictures scheduled at one. She was wearing this beautiful robe that her sister bought her while we were getting ready and looked so gorgeous and happy. Seeing her in her dress, with all of her jewelry and makeup done was seriously amazing. She looked so pretty!!! After Tiff left the makeup artist started on everyone else. I was so happy to have someone there to help me with my hair and put fake eyelashes on me! I am super bad at it myself. Last we threw on our bridesmaid dresses and headed out the door to get our pictures taken!

It was seriously FREEZING outside!!! All we had were some pashminas to keep our shoulders warm, so we were pretty much all shaking the whole time... but the lighting was beautiful and I am so excited to see the pictures! Tiff had a fur that she got at an estate sale draped over her shoulders and with her long white dress and the misty air she reminded me of the ice queen from The Chronicles or Narnia.

[[ the scenery. tiff getting made up. ]]

the ceremony
The ceremony itself was kind of a blur for me. Between trying not to fall down or make silly faces when coming down the aisle to trying not to cry when they were saying their vowels, I was a bit preoccupied. I didn't even look around to try and find Pat because I was afraid I would honestly start crying if I even moved slightly. I guess the whole time he was staring at me smiling because he could totally tell I was trying to hold it in. Before I knew it we were back out in the hallway, and they were officially husband and wife.

the reception
The reception was really fun! I was super excited to see Francisco, who had flown in from California for the wedding! And all of my other friends I had not seen in a while, like Hunter. We all drank, ate, danced, laughed a lot, and took a ton of pictures. At one point the DJ threw on the "Bernie" song... per Jason's request... and we all had to dance "The Bernie Dance". It is seriously ridiculous. One of the stupidest things I have ever seen, but it was highly entertaining. If you don't know what I am talking about here is the youtube video, and here is a post from Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno about the dance.

Tiff and her family did a great job with the treats and decorations. There was even a candy bar complete with Peanut M&Ms (my favorite) and Ring Pops!

Another cool thing about the reception was how awesome and sweet Pat was being. Pat does not dance, ever... except for at weddings. So, I finally got to dance with him, which was awesome! He also looked damn sexy all dressed up, which I do not get to see very often. (Pat would get mad if I did not mention that it is him all dressed up I seldom get to see... He brings a 'healthy dose of sexy' everyday).

Afterwards we went back to one of the larger hotel rooms to hang out for a little bit, but everyone was pretty much passing out, so it was off to bed.

((( I will save these pictures for tomorrows post )))

In the morning we all packed up and met for breakfast at the hotel. Tiff and Jason were supposed to meet us there, but instead spent all morning dealing with security and police after discovering that someone broke into their room and stole a bunch of their belongings. Seriously messed up! I wrote a rant about it on Monday.

Me and Pat were originally planning on going further up the mountain to play in the snow, but we were pretty exhausted and not really in the mood, so instead we headed to Bridgeport in Beaverton to do some shopping with our eyes at the furniture stores. We found so much kitchen stuff we want and the perfect couch at Crate and Barrel, and the perfect bed(s) and a ceramic deer head I seriously want at Z Gallery. We really need our own place and money for these things asap! Before heading home we grabbed some dinner at PF Changs, and that was that. I love our long rides home together because we always have the best conversations.

[[ three awesome beds & great bedding. alligator. mr bear. fabulous displays. colorful chairs. huge jacks. ceramic deer head (WANT!!). i am super strong. green cage. mirror mirror. chandelier. arm chair with a lovely pattern. ]]

Long weekend. Lots of activities. Lots more pictures coming up tomorrow!

coming right up

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday... I met up with my friend Laura for happy hour right after work and we ended up back at my place eating dinner and drinking wine. Lets just say happy hour was a little too happy...

I have been trying to decide if I wanted to post a weekend adventures from last weekend or not, since it was the wedding weekend and I will be posting a million pictures from it, but I think I have decided to post them both. Look for those later today and tomorrow.... for now, I have lots of work to do.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentines day ♥ (only a day late...)

It is one of the more interesting holidays of the year. I feel as though you either love it, or loath it's presence. My attitude towards the holiday past elementary school was not exactly great, the word cheesy comes to mind. However, now that I have been in a happy relationship for over five years (wow, that sounds like a really long time) I appreciate the idea more and more. For me it is not about giant cardboard containers filled with candy, or a ridiculous balloon or card from the store... it is more about considering the aspects of your relationships, (with friends, family, and/or significant others), noting what makes you thankful for them, and expressing that. If nothing else, I can think fondly of the fact that there are so many people in my life, including my amazing man, and it will keep a smile on my face throughout the week.

[[ my valentines day 'card'... elementary school style. ]]

Me and Pat kept it low key last night... we went to the nicer grocery store in town and picked up some lobster tails, opened up a bottle of wine, Pat cooked while I made themed cookies, and we watched 'The Count of Monte Cristo' (one of Pat's favorites). It was a great Valentines date night in. 

[[ rainy valentines outfit... pink sequin sweater. cookie dough. terra vina. dinner. heart. nutella sugar cookie sandwiches mmm. ]]

Monday, February 14, 2011

first of all...

Some people have a LOT of f*cking nerve. 

During Tiff and Jason's wedding reception their suite at the hotel was broken into, and they were robbed. Seriously! Who does that!!?? Obviously someone had scoped out the area and knew exactly what they were doing at the time of the robbery. 

The thief took two necklaces, (one of which was a real pearl necklace), all of the money and gift cards that were in Tiffany's wallet (which were wedding gifts!), a camera, all of the champagne in the room, and worst of all Tiff's Mac Laptop... The only thing recovered was her Kindle which was discovered dropped in the parking lot outside of the building... luckily her new case seems to have saved it.

Obviously many of the goods taken were material and can be replaced, but that does not negate the fact that for something like this to happen to two tremendously nice people on their FFFing wedding day is one of the worst things I have ever heard! The laptop held on to all of Tiffany's pictures and design work collected over the past few years, a lot of which is now just gone. I feel so completely terrible about this and cannot even imagine how hysterical I would be personally to have all of that taken away from me. I will be going through all of my pictures this week from the past four years and burning disks of everything involving Tiff to give them... hopefully there are plenty of other people who can do the same to help her build a library back. In terms of her design work... most notably her wedding invitations that she completely made herself, I am just happy that there is documentation of everything in terms of pictures and printed copies. After completing a really long project it may seem like anything happening to the files would be the worst thing ever, but I think having the actual item in your hands becomes more rewarding. I seldom go back to the files after the fact.

I know that the two also got off to a really REALLY rough start yesterday when they were supposed to be heading off for their honeymoon... I just hope that there is enough sunshine and beauty in Hawaii to keep their minds in the moment, and not focused on all of these horrible events...

I wish that the two of them can take solace in the fact that their wedding and reception were completely perfect and beautiful, that their friends and family who love them were all there with them, and that they are now married! In the end, that is all that really matters. 

Oh, and p.s. Hey Apple, I think someone needs a new laptop... wedding gift?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

midweek inspiration 3
Jason & Tiffany (Wedding Invitations)

This week I have a special midweek inspiration post! Why is it special? Because I am proudly displaying the wedding invitations for my friend Tiffany's wedding (which just happens to be this weekend)! I also get to be a bridesmaid in the wedding, and I am very excited about it! (ok, enough with the explanation marks)...

Not only is Tiffany the bride to be, she is also a graphic designer and handmade her invitations along with many other aspects of the wedding decor (soon to be noted). The portrait of the bride and groom on the front was painted by Tiff with watercolor? (I presume), the typography was actually hand typed on an old typewriter, and all other elements were designed in Illustrator (presuming again). She is quite a talented lady.

Take a gander:

[[ all bundled together. the map. logo closeup. typography closeup. the set. portrait closeup. ]]

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the portrait she made!! My other favorite part is the succulent in a jar she illustrated (you can see it on the second to the last image). 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today was kind of a rough day... BUT 
I got this little number from Pat last week (so naturally I took a screen shot). 

It still has me smiling. 

[[ text from my love. deftones in the morning. ]]

Monday, February 7, 2011

weekend adventures 18

Last weekend was suuuuper busy! I feel like I need some major recuperation now. The events consisted of some serious lingerie shopping. A last minute dive bar adventure. Lots of dopplergangers. A long cheerleading competition. Quick trip to Urban. Goldfish for dinner. Poor driving conditions. Wine. Silly gift giving. Dancing. Football. Football. Football. Commercials. Snacks. Snacks. Snacks. And a loooong drive home.

friday night
Right after work I drove straight to the mall to meet Meguenther for some lingerie shopping. We seriously looked like crazy people running around before the stores closed. Finally we found some silky goodies and headed out. I was really looking forward to getting some sleep and having a relaxing night in, but ended up going out to a total dive bar to meet up with her friend Jamie from work (it was his birthday celebration). There were so many great dopplergagners (however you spell that word!) that it was totally worth it. Kevin Smith, Keanu Reeves (circa 'Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure'), and a pretty incredible Seth the Sloth from Ice Age.

[[ ooo la la. maguffy's. destiny has no teeth! cheer comp. ]]

I dragged myself out of bed and headed to Tualitan for Meagan and Jenna's cheerleading competition. It was a long one. Individually they both did really good, but their team had some fumbles, and they were not very happy with the outcome. Poor babies. I am unfortunately missing State again this year, so I wanted to make sure I was there for this one. After the competition I made a pit stop at Urban Outfitters for a really fancy camera, ran home to get ready super fast, and headed downtown to Barile Wine Bar for Ms. Tiffany Williams last weekend as a single lady!!! (AH!) We drank lots of wine, went dancing at Bar15, and ended up at Tiff's house before cabbing it home. I think laaaaadddyyyy had a lot of fun, and hopefully liked her silky little somethings from everyone.

[[ the bride to be. leopard unmentionables from yours truly. barile. silly faces. voodoo's very own penis doughnut. we never did figure out what it said... mustache camera and red lips. dance dance dance. ]] 

Sunday Sunday Sunday! Woke up, breakfast with the family, and off to Brads to meet Pat and watch the Superbowl. There was a lot of really yummy snack food and a comfy couch, so I was very content. The boys drank beer, and me and Megan went to the store to get some wine. Before leaving I asked if anyone needed anything, and Brad told me to get him some cigarettes, so I had to buy the only pack of cigarettes I ever have for him! I felt so dirty! I am most definitely a non smoker. The wrap up of the game from my perspective is as follows: Steelers lost, which was sad, because I was rooting for them, and this is the first time in two years I have gotten it wrong. The halftime show was just... awful. We should have switched it over to the puppy bowl! And the VW Darth Vader commercial was the absolute BEST of the day! So adorable.

[[ the game on the projector screen. my sad face after being forced to purchase icky cigarettes. the standard red cup. delicious chips and dip! ]]

And now for your viewing pleasure... Mr. Vader himself...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Yay Friday!!!

Ahh I almost didn't make it.
As promised... sorry for the delay on these (busybusybusy).

Here are some pictures of our sidewalk chalk adventures from last sunday! dreamy...

[[ magic. helicopter. marionberry fruit beer mmm. flower. love. tictactoe. hungry. "my forcefield is more forcefield". ]]

Thursday, February 3, 2011

a glimpse...

Like I mentioned on my weekend adventures post, me and Pat went to Ikea looking for a new coffee table. We had looked at this one online and loved it in person, so there you go! New table. It is way more functional and attractive then the old one we had before, plus it matches our shelves and entertainment center that you can sort of get a glimpse at in these pictures. We also bought a fabulous brown shag rug to replace the seriously 80s one we had in its spot before.

We had also seen some cabinets at Ikea (basically shelves with a glass door) that we thought would be great for displaying all of our glass wear stashed in kitchen cupboards. They were a bit expensive though, so we opted out and went for a more practical solution. I had two bookshelves that I used to keep art projects and supplies on in my office. Since this is now Hayden's room, they were just sitting in a corner unused. Now one of the is in the back room displaying part of Pat's Rouge Beer collection, and the other is in the living room next to our entertainment center cabinets showing off our many Barnes and Noble Special Collection books and all of our nice glasses, including my mustache ones from New Years!!! I don't know why we never thought of it sooner, because it looks soooo much better.

Now if we could only afford to replace our extremely dated hand-me-down couches... In the meantime I would like to get some better throw pillows and lighten up the room a bit overall.

[[ new coffee table. recycled bookshelf for fancy glasses. book collection. pats comics. some of my design books. little monster. globe. special addition book collection. glasses. buddah shelf. new poster from hawthorne. ]]

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

midweek inspiration 2

I guess I am totally out of the loop, but I had not heard anything at all about the Google Art Project prior to exploring some blogs this afternoon, (thank you Creature Comforts). I promptly checked out the website, spent two full hours exploring, and did not even come close to seeing everything. It is pretty amazing! Not only can you view selected pieces from various art museums around the world, but you can completely zoom in to really explore the textures, brushstrokes, and various materials used to create the work. I really hope that they continue to expand on this because I would love to see more works in circulation. Having minored in Art History, it would be really amazing to see some more of the imagery I studied for so long in a bit more detail.

I picked a few pieces that grabbed my eye while I was exploring, two new to me, two not so new to me. I think it is pretty incredible how different each painting is stylistically.

- Swaying Dancer :: Edward Degas- Starry Night :: Vincent Van Gogh ( I actually got to see this one in person! )
- Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni :: Domenico Ghirlandaio
- The Mall in St. James Park :: Thomas Gainsborough ( I had never seen this before, I just love her smirk, it is like she has a secret )

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

weekend adventures 17

Last weekend was actually pretty productive... Me and Pat took a evening trip to Ikea for some new furnishings. I cleaned, reorganized, and redecorated the living room and kitchen. Pat built a coffee table. And we still managed to have people over for a little party and attend a gymnastics meet. 

friday night
Friday after work me and Pat headed over to the Oregon State University Gymnastics Pink Out, which is a meet that supports Breast Cancer fundraising. Our friend Jen Kesler is on the team and was one of the competing gymnasts and she did a really good job! I love watching gymnastics, it is seriously amazing what people can do. I can hardly balance on one foot despite taking Yoga classes in the past. 

[[ full stadium. gym girls. benny in pink. ]]

Pat had to go in to work early on, so by the time he got done it was already well into the afternoon. As soon as he got home we set out for our long drive to Ikea. Though Portland may only take about an hour and a half, this was all the way out by the airport and made for a much longer drive. It is worth it though, we always have fun and end up coming home with lots of reasonably priced stylish items! This was no exception. We got a new coffee table, a brown shag rug, a framed alphabet poster I have been wanting to get my hands on for a long time, several picture frames, and some swedish meatballs... yes, meatballs. They are delicious I promise. 

[[ giant map poster (wanted but we have no place for it). huge dandelion style hanging lamp. dinner. pillowcase. ]]

saturday night
We did not get home until almost ten and by that time there were already some people over at our house for a little party, so we promptly stashed our goodies to the side and joined in.

[[ me/kesler/andrea. me/pat. ]]

Me and Pat started an organizing frenzy in the morning and found a great new use for some old bookshelves... but more on that later. Throughout the rest of the day I reorganized the kitchen, turning all of the newly acquired cabinet space into a proper pantry, and hung up some new and old artwork. Pat got home and him and Tony built our new coffee table and we set up the rug. Now our living room actually looks almost like a real grownup living room, instead of a jumble of college furnishings... (which are now in the back room where they belong). Aside from the couch which we are still stuck with for now. I will have to devote an entire post to our mini living room makeover.

Finally after all that, the roomates all went to dinner at Block 15, drank some beer (soda for hayden), ate some burgers (turkey for me), and played with chalk. A very productive and delicious Sunday.