Tuesday, September 30, 2014

my week in pictures 71

monday 9/22 - sunday 9/28

I spent most of last week back in Telluride Colorado for work, and I will be doing some full posts when I get a chance because I have a ton of beautiful scenery to share with you! But for now, I have a tiny preview and some pictures from our adventures over the weekend.

[[ telluride sunset. more venue searching in the woods. the epic bunny trophy at the dry hop ale festival in sisters. tortilla soup on a cold fall day. stormy day at brasada. rainbow! accidentally stumbling on a naked member event. oops, me and sarah got married! pat and payton in matching batman shirts (adorable). bend sunsets. ]]

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

my week in pictures 70

monday 9/15 - sunday 9/21

Here is super brief summery of last week: work was rough, friday night got a little epic, beers beers beers, giant donuts, the big labowski, playing with chalk, venue hunting, vodka sampling at 11:00am, chow, sunday football, happy bday tim, spice girls.

[[ glazed and confused. donkey! checking out a ranch location. those mountain views. vodka tasting at cascade spirits. breakfast at chow - never again. checking out another place. playing with my new chalk door. ]]

Thursday, September 18, 2014

my week in pictures 69

tuesday 9/9 - sunday 9/14

I barely have any pictures to post for this week, only because I am saving most of them for their own series of posts. Wednesday through Friday I was in Telluride Colorado for work and I took so many pictures of the beautiful cowboy town. Look out for those after my next trip (I am going back in a week).

Over the weekend me and Pat began the wedding venue search again and checked out a farm/ranch and a winery... The farm/ranch was a bit too rustic. Not only would we have to spend a ton of money bringing things in to make it look good, there were spiderwebs everywhere, AND we both got several bug bites in less than an hour. Not so much. The winery was more of a looking to say we did type of thing, but I never had much interest to begin with. As it turns out they up-charge way too much for any alcohol (which all has to be purchased through them, including beer), so we quickly ruled that one out as well. The hunt continues.

[[ my first impressions of telluride: view out my hotel room window. gondola ride down to town. exploring the ranch. maragas. checking out the new wild ride brewery in redmond, not bad. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

my week in pictures 68

tuesday 9/2 - monday 9/8

Last week was full of high highs and really low lows...

I am going to keep the details brief for now, but basically on Friday morning me and Pat rushed to Portland to say goodbye to my Grandma Norma, a woman who has always been one of the most important people in my life. My entire life. I still haven't quite had time to react to the fact that she is gone, but more on that later. She definitely deserves her own extensive post. While we were there it was nice to see my family and go through old pictures to keep things in perspective. It was wonderful how much love she was surrounded by in the end. Me and Pat also found out on Friday that we no longer have a wedding venue, which would have been really upsetting news if there wasn't so much more important going on. More on that later as well as the search continues...

Ok, so highs... On Saturday we threw together a BBQ for my step dad's birthday and hung around family all day before heading downtown and meeting up with some friends. I got to go to my first Timbers game with Pat, my bro, and Guenther on Sunday and it was really fun. We ended up staying out afterwards to grab some drinks and met up with Brad, Alia, and their baby daughter Henley, who we were able to meet for the first time. She is freaking adorable! Afterwards we went to dinner at Montage, which is always a favorite of mine. Tomato Basil Mac! I even got an awesome leftover tin foil job this time... a dino! I wish I would have gotten a better picture of it. Pat got a sweet cobra too. Those few happy events definitely helped take my mind off things a bit.

Anyway, photos.

[[ heading over the pass. wining about it. bonnue & clyde spotting. going through old photos. testing out some of the pdx ice cream game. timbers game! goooaaalll. pat meeting henley. wandering through. random car show under a bridge? montage macaroni dreams. cobra. repurposed foil. blurry sculpture poses. ]]

Friday, September 5, 2014

my week in pictures 67
labor day weekend

monday 8/25 - monday 9/1

Last week was crazy busy, but thankfully most of that business was play, not work. Hooray for three day weekends!

On Tuesday we met some friends in Old Mill for dinner and then headed to a little park by the river to listen to Dave Matthew's Band, who was playing a sold out show at the amphitheater. There were a ton of people floating/anchoring in the water to listen as well. The sound carried nicely and we got to take in a few songs before being overrun by mosquitos and deciding to vacate the area.

We spent most the weekend hanging out with our friends who moved away on Monday. Friday night we all went out and got a bit carried away, which resulted in a fairly lazy Saturday (aside from me getting a wild hair and deciding to chalk paint the door to the garage). On Sunday we met up with them again to hike along the Metolius River to Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery, which was really relaxing and beautiful. My family had decided last minute to rent a place in Sunriver for the weekend, so we met up with them Saturday evening for dinner before going out with our friends one last time.

Monday we spent the day with my family at the Sunriver pool, which I had never been to. They had a tiny lazy river and some pretty sweet water slides that the littles made us go down several times. Eventually we said our goodbyes and stopped by Pats dads place for dinner before heading home.

All in all it was a pretty good Labor Day weekend. Especially since we really hadn't planned anything at all ahead of time.

[[ listening to dave matthew's band in old mill. pictures from the most ridiculous group text with my family. creeping in the creepy rock garden with the dinans. baking bacon in the super bacon apron. chalk painting the door on a whim. pretty hike along the metolius river. wizard fish hatchery. hiking back. sunday night goodbyes with the dinans. spending the day with my family at sharc. ]]