Thursday, November 28, 2013

gobble gobble

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! 

I am so super thankful for all of the fabulous, unique, crazy people in my life. I love you all. Now enjoy your turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie! I know I will.

[[ my crazy family. ]]

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

my week in pictures 32

monday 11/18 - sunday 11/24

I wasn't very good at pictures this week, oops. I spent a ton of time going through thousands of photos to get them ready for printing... we really need some snapshots up on our walls. Other than that and being freaking freezing (notice the 10 degrees external temp on my car on the way to work), we met up with some friends for dinner and football and ran a bunch of errands. We also made it up to Pilot Butte finally for the first time. It was crystal clear and beautiful up there, we could even see our street. I seriously love this city we live in. On Sunday Pat's Dad showed up with his newest puppy Lucy! We had no idea that he had gotten her already. Now he has Ricky and Lucy, a black and a yellow lab... adorable, right?!

[[ editing through millions of pictures to finally get some prints. fancy wine. rainbow on the way to work. yep, 10 degrees, burrr. lunch at jackson's. the view of our beautiful city from pilot butte. my house is down there. meet lucy, pat's dad's newest family member. puppy! ]]

Friday, November 22, 2013

kitchen nook :: before & after

I am excited to finally share one of our before and after looks at the house. We have been really busy over here with projects, and I will definitely be sharing more as we complete them, but first, our kitchen nook transformation with chalk board paint. 

Ever since we got in to the house I have been excited to transform this space with some chalkboard paint. Lime green wanes coating and yellowish floral wallpaper was just not for me. 

The process itself was definitely not as easy as I expected... 
Although the wallpaper itself came off in nice little strips, the adhesive backing behind it was another story and took hours of spraying, scraping, and scrubbing before I finally had clean enough walls to work with. But of course I wasn't done there... I had to patch a bunch of holes and repaint everything with primer. By day three the walls were dry enough for me to actually go over with the chalkboard paint, which went on beautifully with two coats. Since there was a little bit of splash over from the painters tape, I ended up going around the rim with a tiny paint brush and some white to get a clean line and viola, all done. 

Now if me and Pat can just agree on a light fixture to replace what is currently hanging in there...

[[ the kitchen nook before (old owners furnishings). beginning the process. after! ]]

Thursday, November 21, 2013

my week in pictures 31

monday 11/11 - sunday 11/17

On Monday I finished up the project I was looking forward to the most, tearing down the wallpaper and getting chalkboard paint up in the kitchen nook area. I think it looks pretty damn good if I do say so myself. Prepare for an upcoming before and after post. I still have yet to prep the wall and do any actual chalk writing, but I think it is a vast improvement either way. On Saturday my parents and two of my sisters stopped by for an overnight visit to see the place. It was nice being able to host in my own house for once.

[[ the paint. after stripping the wallpaper and priming, white white white. paint in progress. the near finished product. enjoying some saturday morning coffee in my livingroom. my late birthday slash housewarming present from tiff. finally using the fire. delicious breakfast. playing around in the toystore. kids. ]]

Friday, November 15, 2013

my week in pictures 30

monday 11/4 - sunday 11/10

I only have a few pictures this week because it was all work. Actual projects at work, and working on the house, with a few breaks in between. I am so happy that we are starting to wrap up some of the big projects so that I can do a house post soon... at least some more before and afters... 

[[ shameless outfit selfies. a fun new project at work. dinner date. friday morning latte. finally taring down the ugly wallpaper in the kitchen. getting through some orwell: animal farm & 1984. ricky is getting so big! ]]

Thursday, November 7, 2013

my week in pictures 29

monday 10/28 - sunday 11/3

No lengthy description of the week this time, just a little bit about Halloween.

First of all I finally had an excuse to wear my skull blouse to work. That is themed business casual at its finest. When I got home from work we ran to the store to stock up on candy, grabbed my bin of decorations and quickly set up our house for Trick-or-Treaters. They started coming right when we finished, and we had so many cutie pie little kids at our door that we were completely out of candy in an hour! It was insane!

Cutest kid awards went to the following visitors: the two year old dressed as a bumblebee who ran right in to the house, the little girl too shy to say "trick or treat" so she said "hi" instead, the little boy who immediately yelled "I'm a Ninja Turtle!" when I opened the door, the two little brothers dressed as Iron Man and The Flash because the older one was very offended that I initially thought he was also Iron Man and promptly told me "No! I'm the Flash!", and finally our very last little one dressed as Boo from Monsters Inc. and her Dad who was very pleased to announce that he made her costume for her. After we shut down the lights (and I realized that we had accidentally made our house totally scary looking) we opened up some "themed" wine and watched Hocus Pocus (not Pat's first choice, but he was a trooper since we had watched Beetlejuice the night before).

Ok I lied, that was pretty lengthy wasn't it.

[[ my halloween outfit. spooOOoky house. spooOOoky wine. the crazy sheet of fog on the way to work friday morning. first friday downtown with sierra. a queen concert projected outside of a building downtown. i really need to go back and buy this pillow. mckay cottage, a new breakfast spot we tried out. ]]

Oh yea, Happy Halloween!