Friday, November 22, 2013

kitchen nook :: before & after

I am excited to finally share one of our before and after looks at the house. We have been really busy over here with projects, and I will definitely be sharing more as we complete them, but first, our kitchen nook transformation with chalk board paint. 

Ever since we got in to the house I have been excited to transform this space with some chalkboard paint. Lime green wanes coating and yellowish floral wallpaper was just not for me. 

The process itself was definitely not as easy as I expected... 
Although the wallpaper itself came off in nice little strips, the adhesive backing behind it was another story and took hours of spraying, scraping, and scrubbing before I finally had clean enough walls to work with. But of course I wasn't done there... I had to patch a bunch of holes and repaint everything with primer. By day three the walls were dry enough for me to actually go over with the chalkboard paint, which went on beautifully with two coats. Since there was a little bit of splash over from the painters tape, I ended up going around the rim with a tiny paint brush and some white to get a clean line and viola, all done. 

Now if me and Pat can just agree on a light fixture to replace what is currently hanging in there...

[[ the kitchen nook before (old owners furnishings). beginning the process. after! ]]