Thursday, September 30, 2010

college :: year III

year III // sophomore (osu)
[[ winter hat. megan/catie. brad. jia. tony. brad/pat. ariel. brad/alia/pat. kitchen party. nina/amy. vikings. amy/pat. ]]

I made the move to Corvallis to live with Pat (somewhat reluctantly) and study graphic design (excitedly). It turned out to be really nice living together, even though I was worried about it initially. Much better than a long distance relationship, yuck. I did not really know that many people in Corvallis though at the time I moved. Most of my friends were at UO or in Portland so this was the year I met and started hanging out with a ton of pats friends. Notably, me, Pat and Brad were together all the time in the Spring and Summer, but there were also a lot of kids from Estacada, and Keizer in my life now. This is the year I really met (though i had been introduced to her before) and started hanging out with Johni.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

college :: year II

year II // sophomore (sou)
[[ summer night. paul-o-ween. <3. laura/nicole. champagne crew at crater lake. brittany/megan. my roomates. amy. pat visiting me in ashland. dressup. the girls. my tiny tiny room. ]]

Sophomore year everything started changing... In the summer after Freshmen year ('05) I went on my first date with Pat and from then on we were together as much as possible. We were however battling with long distance this entire year, and it was very difficult at times, I will not lie about that. I moved out of the dorms into a tiny horrible apartment in a complex called 'The Ashlanders'. my room was large enough to fit my bed, and that was pretty much it. I started out living with two other girls, and ended up living with Dusty and Paul, two guys who were several years older than me (but a lot of fun to live with!) Clearly my parents had no idea what was going on with my life. The beginning of the year was awesome, but as it went on I realized that I could not stay happy being so far away from Pat, and thus ends my schooling at Southern Oregon University.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

college :: year I

Hayden (Pats little) started college this week. I can't believe this is my second year out of school, it still feels more foreign not to be fighting swarms of students to get to class on time, pulling all nighters to complete design projects, and partying every chance we got with friends.

I decided to pull up some super old and not so old pictures to catalogue my college experience this week and next, starting from the very beginning...........
Ready? Here we go...

year I // freshmen (sou)
[[ amy/brad. kori/alena. kara. dusty webb. drinkathon. pink prom w laura/paul. dorm room. steven. anything but clothes goes. trip home. halloween w natalie/laura/keith. the girls. ]]

Freshmen year was spent living in the dorms in Ashland, Oregon. I left all my friends from high school to go off to college on my own, (except for my brother Nic who had already been there for a year when I started). I met a ton of new people, and had a ton of new experiences both good and bad. I also started talking a lot to this guy named Pat who went to OSU... Overall it was one of the best years of my life. (And yes, I had very short hair!)

Monday, September 27, 2010


I meant to do a weekend adventures post every weekend, but with current events my weekends have been a lot less exciting while I get my life back to normal. Soon though. So.... pumpkins instead.

Not quite a pumpkin patch. This was more like me at Trader Joe's on sunday, super exciting I know, but I get really excited when I start seeing pumpkins outside of grocery stores. I hope this year I get the chance to go to an actual pumpkin patch, I don't know why, but I seriously love it. Oh, and they had these crazy things called 'Pumpkin Trees', which Pat informed me are actually tomatoes every time I called them pumpkin trees... I prefer to think of them my way, because they are super pretty and vibrant. I think it would be really cool for someone to have an October wedding with them instead of flowers! (My pictures aren't that great, but they are literally black stems with multicolor tiny 'pumpkins' hanging off of them).

[[ gourds. pumpkin tree. big & little pumpkins. ]]

Friday, September 24, 2010

happy thoughts

Today I am feeling happy. That is kind of a big deal.
Its friday, I think that could be a large contributor.

Last night we watched Peter Pan, one of my all time favorite Disney movies. I love the story of it! Well, obviously, considering Hook is literally my favoritest movie of all time. "Think of a happy thought" :)

Here are some things that are making me happy today:
[[ beautiful leaves. spending some time with this guy. shorts & tights. my favorite scarf. peter pan. getting some drinks tonight. my new pumpkin spice candle. the beaver game tomorrow. sunny blue skies. ]]

& of course..... The return of my favorite shows! It is like a magical TV Christmas in September...
[[ how i met your mother. modern family. dexter. californication. weeds. the big bang theory. 30 rock. house. cougar town. i also need to catch up on project runway. ]]

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I am ready to fast forward. I miss normality.
August and September have been really hard months...........
A lot has changed.

I start to do better, but then something reminds me of you. Pretty much everything reminds me of you.

I have been listening to Degausser non stop since this weekend. I think its really sad. I think its really beautiful. It confuses me. It makes me cry. I cant get away from it right now. Sad songs are all i want to hear.

//// take apart your head. chew it up and swallow. ////

I also love all these compositions people make. They are so simple yet emotionally charged. I am really drawn to them right now...

[[ doodle is mine. the rest are ffffound. ]]

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Oh man today sucked. I got stuck running something to Troutdale and straight back for work... So like 4.5 hours in the car. (Got a little lost finding the little airport in the middle of nowhere...) The car was a big company truck mind you that made me feel like I was in a perpetual earthquake and sounded like the engine was going to explode because everything was so loud. This whole transaction gave me the pleasure of getting one of the worst migraines I have ever had. I seriously didn't think I was going to make it back to Corvallis.

[[ series: wicked. son of a witch. a lion among men. ]]
I started reading the Wicked series a while back after being curious about it for a long time... Johni decided to read the series with me, which was awesome, because I actually had someone to talk to about it. We were on the third and final book, "A Lion Among Men". As of right now I am a little more than halfway through it, but I stopped reading when Johni wasnt on Skype last week because I wanted to make sure I wouldn't pass her. Now I feel like I really need to finish it, but I can't bring myself to do it yet! :[ The first book is still our favorite, but I am anxious to see if this one answers all the questions about the series I have left. I sure hope so..................

Yesterday I found these images by Lissy Elle that are beautiful!! Wicked is definitely NOT the story from The Wizard of Oz, but I can totally see one of these with some ruby slippers or even better, green skin. Love the dirty feet too. <3<3<3

[[ harry potter. peter pan. alice in wonderland. beauty & the beast. ]]

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

happy birthday leah // leha // leho // l$

Today is Leho aka my best inherited older sister's birthday. She is four years older than me. She is a big bad Architect in NYC so I do not get to see her very often, but xmas is coming up, and I know I will get to do the sprinkler in the living room with you then! I hope you are having a fabulous birthday and fun at your secret surprise dinner plans. Miss you. -J$

[[ leah is an ice cream stealer. leah is a schnazy dresser. leah & her boyfriend adil. leah loves fabulous mustaches. ]]

Monday, September 20, 2010

johni ♥

[[ johni keller. 12/20/1985 - 9/18/2010 ]]

Saturday night my friend Johni passed away from chronic lung failure. She had been battling with Cystic Fibrosis her entire life and has overcome some amazing things. She survived a double lung transplant a few years ago and was doing great for a while. I am happy she was able to gain a few more years from the operation... but it all still seems so sudden. Two weeks ago we were talking about books, and weddings, and painting, and bunnies, and now she is gone. Life is so precious. I am not a religious person, but I would love to think that she is somewhere great now, with her Dad, free of pain, and happy. Really happy.

It is really hard for me to write about this, or look at these pictures right now, but I feel like I need to share them. And I want to remember how much this is impacting my life. She looks so beautiful and vibrant and carefree in them. I am so happy I had her as a roomate so that she could model for me, and for me to be able to have so many of these now. I will never forget you Johni, or all of the silly moments we shared together. Painting in our office. Sitting in the backyard with the mini pools. Our walks to the playground or our swimming spot. Watching girly movies together because the boys wouldnt dare. Talking about 'babies' in class. Quoting Flight of The Concords and confusing everyone. Laughing hysterically about... nothing in particular. Dancing around the house. And just having a girl around all the time to talk to for once. I love you and will never forget you. I will miss you forever my love.

[[ photography project fall 09. i know some of them look sort of somber, but that was my interpretation of the project. i was really trying to contrast that with the bright colors though. still she looks beautiful. ]]


until we meet again <3 <3.

Friday, September 17, 2010

new roomate......

Pats little brother is moving in... today... he is going to be a Freshmen at OSU, which means he is only 18...kinda awkward. His room is right next to ours too, that will make things a little tricky. What really sucks though, is that for the millionth time I have had to completely take apart and store my "office", which means that my beautiful Ikea desk and shelves are no more and all my little designy things that don't really fit anywhere else in our house are now all shoved together in the upstairs hall closet. this includes all of my favorite projects, every process book, camera equipment, paintings, screen printing screens, paints, and every other art supply you can possibly imagine... Oh saddest thing. Stuffed in the closet is my college diploma, and my award letter. Kinda depressing to see it all in there like it is junk when I spent so much time and money on it all.

[[ some stuff on my desk. magnet board. wall robots. our not so good paint job. ]]

Ok done being sad. The good thing about it is I was able to hang some more of my paintings up in our house, or rather, Pat took them all out of the closet and went around like a mad man putting them all up everywhere. And I have relocated some pretty things around the house, like my dried flowers, some pictures, candles, and my little gnome from Ms. Williams.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Another rainy day. Shocker. Its crazy how fast the switch can flip here! It was summer last weekend, and now it feels like we are full on into fall. ...I do like fall clothes though, scarfs, sweaters, jackets, boots, or just layering in general. And I love pretty much everything that smells or tastes like pumpkin spice, which I will soon be stocking up on. Yay!!

[[ me feeling like fall. & being really bored waiting for pat to come home. ]]

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

gift wrap

Rainy. Blah. Busy work day = me running around all over the place. It was one of the guys last days so I had to wrap his 'present', which means, as usual, I had to get resourceful with whatever was around. In this case, some bubble wrap and tape. I pretty much never buy actual wrapping paper anymore, whats the point when I can recycle old catalogs or grocery bags? I think I will be a pro by xmas.

[[ bubble wrap & tape. victorias secret catalogs. safeway bags. tissue paper & twine. ]]

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It started out looking like Newport this morning, cold, cloudy, and tons of fog... but it heated up thats for sure. Me and Pat decided to take advantage by having dinner outside. We got to use some fresh basil from our 'garden' yum yum. We have tomatoes, pears, and plums too... but none of them are ripe yet. Crazy considering we had 100s last summer.

[[ sunshine. basil. veggies. snack. esb. tomato. bbq. pear tree. dinner. almost ready. old man pipe. sunset. ]]

Monday, September 13, 2010

weekend adventures 1

This weekend turned out to be pretty eventful, and we totally lucked out with some awesome weather! As requested.

saturday afternoon
Was a perfect summer day. Pat, Tony, and me went to Block 15 for some happy hour drinks and lunch. Me and tone both got the fruit beer, which was apricot and delicious.

[[ driving in cval. summer shoes i will soon miss. sunglasses. tony. apricot beer. pub grub. pat. block. ]] 

saturday night
Later we went to Salem to meet up with Pats old friend Jared. We went to Bently's for some drinks and caught up for a bit, then ended up at some place called The Brick... and let me tell you, going out in Salem in general is highly entertaining because the people are, well, a little bit different than the ones I hang out with lets say... so I was having a great time people watching all night! (I sort of forgot to take pictures though, oops, I need to get better at documenting).

Pat, his mom, and me went wine tasting in Carlton. the car ride pretty much killed me because I wasn not feeling spectacular and Pat was taking advantage of his moms Jaguar on sharp turns......... We went to the wine member pickup party at Canas Feast. yes, Pat, not his mom, is the member. Freakin wino. Then we poped over to Terra Vina for some tasting (I like it there a lot), then down the street to Folin Cellars before going to dinner at a yummy Italian restaurant. We ended up with like 20 bottles of wine! I kid you not. our 'wine cellar' is fully restocked. 

[[ back roads to carlton. decor. tasting and free magazines. perfect weather. ]]

Friday, September 10, 2010


This week was a 'short' one, but I swear it lasted forever... So ready for some weekend adventures! I hope the sunshine holds up!!! (pretty please) I keep saying every weekend that I just need one more to enjoy the summer weather, but it never seems to be enough to help me accept the inevitable fact that it is going to start dumping rain on us for the rest of the year any second... We are meeting up with some of Pats super old friends tomorrow, should be interesting, I have never met any of these people, which is crazy considering how long we have been together, so I have no idea what to expect. I am a little nervous. ...Other than that I hope there is some vodka in my future :) mmm

[[ my favorite nail polish color this summer (sinful colors - mint apple) . alleyway in cval. ]]

Thursday, September 9, 2010


It recently occurred to me that pretty much all the blogs I follow are on Blogspot... so I am switching over to here from my Tumblr... though, I will probably keep that one also for more designy things I find and want to remember. Anyway, hi. Here are some things that I like.........

[[ pdx. playing with vintage illustrations. mi familia. adventures. my love. designing. friends. pretty things. ice cream. car rides with the music loud & windows down. my nikon. rock concerts. ]]