Thursday, July 28, 2011

new york new york :: part 7

Phew. That was a lot of museum posting! Tired of looking at them yet? Ready to move on? I think I am too... I have one more for you next week, but it is only a little one, I promise!

wednesday 7/6 :: day 6 :: part 1
As you have already witnessed, we got up in the morning, grabbed some coffee/breakfast at a lovely bakery close to our hotel called Tisserie, and headed straight for MoMA for a few hours. We got done with the museum much sooner than our trip to The Met from the day before.

St. Patricks Cathedral was something that Pat really wanted to check out, and since it was just up the street we decided to walk over. On the way we walked right by St. Thomas which was extremely impressive from its detailed exterior, so we ventured inside for a peak. Neither me or Pat are religious people, so I was actually a little bit nervous about going inside as though we would be asked to leave or something, but this was certainly not the case. There was hardly anyone inside and we were able to roam the main hall freely and take as many photos as we wished. Perfection. The architecture of these churches is just incredible to say the least. I cannot believe the detailing and the overall size of everything. It sort of swallows you up. After half an hour or so we continued on our way to the other church which was even larger. Unlike St. Thomas, St. Patricks was FULL of people, which I found to be a bit off putting. I suppose it is just more famous and an icon to tourists, but it felt a bit gimicky to me (though still gorgeous and even more vast). I mean, there was a gift shop inside and flat screen TVs mounted on the pillars for goodness sakes. Regardless we did our exploring and admired the detail, but I did find our first stop to be much more relaxing.

[[ st. thomas. ]]

[[ st. patricks. ]]

Rockafeller Center was also a short distance away, so we made that our next stop. Right as we got there it started pouring, so we sought refuge in a Lego store right across from 30 rock. Not a bad hiding spot, I love Legos! Have I mentioned that my man is a nerd? We just had to stop at a near by store called "Nintendo World" before leaving the area. Its ok, I posed in a Mario hat, which I almost wish I purchased... and Pat got a sweet T-shirt. They had a really cool soccer ball there also, it was like that chain, bullet, barking thing that chases you in Mario Kart 64... Anyone? Anyone? Oh, middle school.

By the time we made it out of there the rain had let up significantly, so we decided to walk through Times Square and go play in Toys R Us for a bit. Its a big one, there is even a Ferris Wheel inside (that I secretly really kind of wanted to ride because I am a grown up). Lots of posing and pictures in here. We were going to get ice cream inside, but it was like $7 a scoop... no thanks.

[[ rock center. lego store. nintendoworld. toys r us times square. ]]


So, we left to find Central Park for an adventure and/or ice cream, whichever came first. 

I never did get my ice cream...

((( the rest of wednesday monday, there is a reason i am splitting it up, i promise )))

sneaky. sneaky.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

new york new york :: part 6-2
moma (2 of 2)

As continued from my last MoMA post, here are the rest of the images from our trip to the museum. Enjoy.

[[ all photos taken by me and pat at moma, nyc. ]]

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

new york new york :: part 6-1
moma (1 of 2)

Wednesday morning me and Pat got up, got ready and headed out for our second day of art museuming. This time we were visiting the Museum of Modern Art, also known as New Yorks MoMA. I had been here once before on my first and last NYC visit back in 2006 or so, but was excited to check it out for a second time with a much different perspective, having now completed college. I have to say that we probably should have visited them in the opposite order for effect, seeing as MoMA is MUCH smaller. They had a few things there this time that were not present for me the last, such as some paintings by Frida Kahlo, as well as Salvador Dali (Pat's favorite artist). A not so good surprise was the fact that Van Gogh's "Starry Night" was now covered by glass making it impossible to capture the texture of the paint. Boo.

I really thought I would be able to get this post in to one, but it seems that is just not going to happen. So here is the imagery from part 1 of our trip to MoMA, the rest to follow tomorrow.

[[ all photos taken by me and pat at moma, nyc. ]]