Monday, December 22, 2014

my week in pictures 82

monday 12/15 - sunday 12/21

This week was heavy on the work load, and light on the extra curriculars in anticipation of the Christmas madness that is about to start. On Friday we launched a brand new website, which has been a monster project for our little team at work... for months... I seriously doubted we would get it done in time, (especially with plans for a spa day/work party Friday afternoon), but somehow it all came together. Actually not "somehow", it all came together from enough late nights and early mornings that I felt like I was in college again. Work/Life balance? Weekends? What are those things?

Luckily I also managed to get a few errands done throughout the week, like a couple last minute shopping trips, wrapping presents, and a haircut (which was way overdue). No matter how early I start on holiday preparation it seems like I am always scrambling to get everything ready right before we leave for Portland, and work just brought that up a notch this year. Below I have just a few pictures from last week.

[[ beautiful morning light. last minute shopping. a quick beer break (pumpkin with cinnamon and sugar around the rim). my desk is out of control! taking a break to visit the spa and grab lunch (with dessert) friday afternoon. straight hair selfie after my haircut, its been a while. ]]

Friday, December 19, 2014

my week in pictures 81

monday 12/8 - sunday 12/14

Week, work.

Over the weekend we headed to Salem to see Tony, Alex, and Rory before he went back to Idaho (waahhhhh *sad face*). We actually ended up seeing a ton more people than that on Saturday, so the weekend was really fun. Also, who knew that Salem has some good places to eat/drink now? That definitely didn't seem like the case a few years ago. On Friday we headed straight to Gilgamesh and met everyone for dinner and some beers before going back to the house and hanging out. Me and Alex ended up sitting in the garage in Tony's car project slash "piece of metal" for several hours talking and went to bed very very late/early, so Saturday was a little rough. Worse for her though, she had to work in the morning!

In the afternoon we met up with Dave and did a little Christmas shopping before heading downtown to a whiskey bar to meet more friends and grab some dinner. Afterwards we went to Archive, which is a coffee bar by day, and serves drinks at night. The atmosphere was awesome and so were the drinks. I will definitely be back one day. They also had some pretty sweet straw/stirrers... and I might have accidentally totally on purpose taken one. Oops? Next we met even more people at Coin Jam, which is an arcade that has snacks and beer. Me and Alex got in a pretty serious air hockey battle (I lost), and Pat and Tonys cousin Chris battled over Street Fighter. It was a fun night.

On Sunday we grabbed a very late brunch at Word of Mouth (also new, and delicious) and then headed through the fog back over the pass for home.

[[ sushi serving shells, i couldn't resist. midweek drinks at dogwood. a visit to gilgamesh. this is how boys shop... or alternate title, on saturdays we wear flannel (rory missed the memo). archive, this place was awesome! sweet threat and nail mural. just charging my phone and answering calls on stage at the whiskey bar. getting real serious about air hockey at coin jam. street fighter wars. hon. rawry. chillin in tony's "piece of metal". brunch at word of mouth, delicious, and super cute decor. in to the fog. ]] 

Friday, December 12, 2014

my week in pictures 80

monday 12/1 - sunday 12/7

Last week was busy busy busy with work, but we did manage to actually get out of the house a few times, thankfully.

I was super excited for Saturday because we had made plans to go get the breakfast and the Christmas tree in the morning and then do lights, but I ended up having to work on a project for a few hours in the morning (after working on it all night) which majorly stalled our plans. By the time we were able to leave it was late afternoon, but we figured we could still do the tree, right? Wrong. We got about three blocks in the Audi before it started shaking violently and the check engine light came on. Great. So we drove back home, parked it since no mechanics were working that day, and went to leave in the Maxima. Pat gets in, attempts to start it, and the battery in dead, much to our surprise/dismay. At this point its late afternoon and we haven't eaten anything, so I head inside to make brunch while Pat keeps messing with the car. After burning up our portable battery charger he tries to jump the car with the messed up Audi and still nothing. Eventually he gets a stroke of genius and unplugs his car charger and it starts right up. Moral of the story, don't leave those things plugged in because some cars continue to charge their ports even when they are turned off! Now its nighttime, so we just run some errands and decide to try Christmas the next day.

Sunday was much better. We made breakfast at home, but we were able to go get a Christmas tree and get the lights all done. We spent the night decorating the tree, listening to Christmas music, having some festive beverages, and watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Perfect. (Oh, and unlike last year, our tree was perfectly thawed when we picked it out, no defrosting needed, and no bug infestation so far).

[[ more schnow! ice ice baby... but seriously, some intense freezing rain. giving red martini in redmond a try. dinner at the new jackson's by our house, yum yum. christmas tree hunting! pulling out some of our favorites. the tree! (and festive hats). christmas lights on the house. misc. decorations inside, and the grinch playing in the background. my first christmas ornament from my grandma. ]]

The Audi is also fine by the way. We took it in Monday and I guess it was one of the coils, whatever that means... so our mechanic was able to get it fixed that day for just a little over $100. Phew!

Friday, December 5, 2014

my week in pictures 79 (thanksgiving week)

monday 11/24 - sunday 11/30

I pretty much failed at taking pictures again this week, but Thanksgiving was super mellow, which was much needed. During the week I met up with a friend for dinner at Wild Rose, a Thai restaurant I actually hadn't tried yet. It was delicious! I think even better than the food was the fact that all of the forks were gold and had different fancy designs on them. I am easily pleased.

For Thanksgiving, we went to Pats dads place in Sunriver where we ate way too much food, drank way too much wine, played darts, put on onsies (again), had an impromptu dance party... you know, the usual. We brought over some cranberry brie bites and made some super addictive jalapeƱo popper dip. On black Friday we sat around and watched movies, like The Wizard of Oz, which I was really excited about, and did some online shopping.

Saturday we headed back home, put on our Beaver gear, and then went out to watch Civil War. We got our asses kicked... no real surprise there. But I still had fun cheering on our team, and looking awesome while doing so, obviously.

[[ wild rose thai. my cranberry brie bites. puppy play time. k syrah syrah. proper tasting while wearing a superman onsie, obviously. chillin. hard hats? out come the christmas decorations. hot cocoa was in order. game day digs! ]]

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

my week in pictures 78

monday 11/17 - sunday 11/23

I really hurt my back last week, so I was terrible at taking pictures even though we spent the weekend in Portland, but I did manager to snap a few good ones.

Busy weekend. Lot's of people. Here's the rundown: The snow stuck around for the most of the week, but the pass cleared off just in time for us to head to Portland Friday night for my brothers bday. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take any pictures, so all I have are the photobooth shots me and Guenther took. My bad. On Saturday we met up with Brad, Alia, and their daughter Henley to do some shopping and hang out. She is a cute little bugger! I even held her without being scared (mostly). We also grabbed lunch with my dad. That night went out with Tony, Alex, and Hayden on 23rd for dinner and drinks. Sunday we grabbed lunch with my mom and grandpa before heading to Salem to visit Pats grandma in the hospital after her heart surgery. She, being like the energizer bunny, is back home now.

It was pouring down rain the entire time we were in the valley, so we got to drive through a flooding I-5 when we were heading out. Endless weeks of rain, I do not miss you at all.

[[ weekday snow. grabbing lunch with pats pops and playing with the pups. creepy portrait at our coffee stop on the way out of town. german beers friday night. photoboothing about it. visits with henley! lunch. dinner. picture. pool. hayden. a flooding i-5. ]]

Friday, November 21, 2014

my week in pictures 77

monday 11/10 - sunday 11/16

Alright, so I have been slacking on my posting lately... things are just insanely busy around here, so I haven't had as many pictures as I usually do. Therefore I am skipping the first week in November and jumping forward to the next one where there was a lot more going on.

We got our first snow of the season! And it was a pretty decent amount of snow too! We went to bed Wednesday night and woke up to about 12 inches and a steady snowfall throughout the entire day. I love it when it snows over here (as long as I have a driver). Over the weekend we went on lots of walks and played in the snow every chance we got.

Enjoy tons of white washed photos below. :)

[[ giant bear at costco. lunch at the new jackson's corner. morning snow! entertaining ourselves in lowes while the snow tires get put on the audi: olaf! christmas wonderland. climbing giant plow piles. shadow fun. morning snow closeup. heading to old mill. playing around in the amphitheater: cheesing. scenery. snack. karate chop. icicles. sunset. ]]