Monday, December 22, 2014

my week in pictures 82

monday 12/15 - sunday 12/21

This week was heavy on the work load, and light on the extra curriculars in anticipation of the Christmas madness that is about to start. On Friday we launched a brand new website, which has been a monster project for our little team at work... for months... I seriously doubted we would get it done in time, (especially with plans for a spa day/work party Friday afternoon), but somehow it all came together. Actually not "somehow", it all came together from enough late nights and early mornings that I felt like I was in college again. Work/Life balance? Weekends? What are those things?

Luckily I also managed to get a few errands done throughout the week, like a couple last minute shopping trips, wrapping presents, and a haircut (which was way overdue). No matter how early I start on holiday preparation it seems like I am always scrambling to get everything ready right before we leave for Portland, and work just brought that up a notch this year. Below I have just a few pictures from last week.

[[ beautiful morning light. last minute shopping. a quick beer break (pumpkin with cinnamon and sugar around the rim). my desk is out of control! taking a break to visit the spa and grab lunch (with dessert) friday afternoon. straight hair selfie after my haircut, its been a while. ]]