Friday, May 30, 2014

my week in pictures 54

monday 5/19 - monday 5/26 - memorial day weekend

To celebrate the long weekend my family decided on a last minute trip to visit me and Pat, so instead of a mellow and relaxing weekend we did a ton of exploring. Not that I am complaining. I had been wanting to get back to Smith Rock for a long time now, and my fam being in town provided the perfect opportunity. We even made it out to the Obsidian Flow for another hike on Sunday. Monday me and Pat went out to his dads place and spent the entire day outside in the sunshine. Not too shabby.

I took so many freaking pictures over Memorial Day Weekend that I am going to have a do the usual summary here and then post the bulk of Smith Rock and the Obsidian Flow on their own later.

[[ buried in work. my 30 seconds of daily sunshine. the new cocktail spot in town. bringing back the fancy summer braids. sunshine and breakfast in the yard. smith rock preview pictures. sibling gymnastics fails. snow over the obsidian, we were not prepared. me & pops at the big obsidian flow. monday spent entirely outdoors at pat's dads place. ]]

Thursday, May 22, 2014

my week in pictures 53

monday 5/12 - sunday 5/18

I was very very happy last week when the weather decided to heat up, giving us an almost full week of warm days and sunshine, which gave me personally the chance to show off my (super pale at the moment) legs and even don some sandals. On Tuesday it was so nice out that me and Pat decided to take a walk up the street to Worthy to grab dinner and beers and sit in the sunshine. It was perfection. I also noticed our yard is finally looking springy and beautiful with a ton of new flowers sprouting up every day, so I went around and snapped a few pictures. I even got our orange lawn flamingos (courtesy of Tiffany) in place.

On Friday Pat's friend James and his wife Rachel came in to town, so the weekend consisted of (you might want to sit down for this one) more breweries, and Cards Against Humanity... the "a party game for horrible people" that everyone always wants to play. They were in town for their anniversary and wanted us to join them for a "fancy" dinner, so we went to The Blacksmith on Saturday and ate a really really delicious meal complete with dessert. I don't know what got in to Pat, he ordered a chocolate brownie instead of the creme brulee, that never happens! Oh, and of course as the food was set down I promptly took pictures of everything... obviously. They took off on Sunday and since the weather was a little stormy (and we were exhausted) we literally sat around ALL day and watched the entire first season of Black Sails, it was much needed.

[[ our backyard is coming along. lots of pretty spring blooms. blazers beat the spurs! my amount of overwhelmedness at work lately. a bunny shirt, because why not. putting away my winter boots. stink face & fun with reflections. dinner at worthy, our new weekly regiment. what does dick cheney prefer? james taking a swing. greens. a delicious fancy dinner at blacksmith: tuna tartar, beef carpaccio, strip steak, surf & turf, ahi, chef making bananas foster. homemade brownies & ice cream with salted caramel sauce. ]]

Thursday, May 15, 2014

my week in pictures 52

monday 5/5 - sunday 5/11

After getting home from work on Monday I realized it was Cinco de Mayo, so we improvised and ended up making a pretty decent Mexican themed dinner, complete with fresh squeezed grapefruit and orange juice margaritas. The rest of the work week was pretty much business as usual, aside from me dropping off our garage door openers at the Eagle Crest house, aka our former place of residence from when we first moved over the pass (which Pat's parents have been trying to sell for years). While I was there I couldn't resist taking a few last pictures of the place. I also went to a pre-season opening dinner at Range and got to sample some of the Chef's delicious new dishes. 

Over the weekend our recently engaged friends Drea and Frace came to visit us so there was a lot of, Cards Against Humanity, big breakfasts, a little hiking around, and ice cream. Obviously. They even brought us little gifts from their recent trip to Oahu, Legos! I have an Ewok on my keys now (keys that are getting out of control by the way). 

[[ saying goodbye to the eagle crest home. tv and tv stand, two of me and pat's oldest pieces of furniture that we left behind. i will miss that kitchen view. improvised cinco de mayo feast & my pretty cactus. blazer game. delicious simmered chicken. pre-opening dinner at range. lego keychain madness. crux. naked. drea & frace. deschutes tasting. sushi dinner at 5 fusion. cards against humanity, i won. breakfast at mckay. the badlands. ice cream! ]]

Thursday, May 8, 2014

my week in pictures 51

monday 4/28 - sunday 5/4

Um... so its May now... how did that happen?! All the sudden the months seem to be flying by, which I guess is what happens when you are crazy busy all the time. I can tell you one thing though, I am really looking forward to some consistently warm sunny days! We got a little preview of summer May 1st with temps up to the high 70's and a ton of sunshine. I even got to wear a skirt and sandals. :)

[[ i seriously love taking pictures in car washed, i dont know why. beautiful sunny may first: walking through the hood to worthy. delicious halibut tacos. a maxi skirt & sandals!! a little first friday action. dinner at barrio. our greens and flowers are finally coming out! my weeding outfit... color pop. trying out riverbend brewery. stormy sunday at brasada. ]]