Friday, May 30, 2014

my week in pictures 54

monday 5/19 - monday 5/26 - memorial day weekend

To celebrate the long weekend my family decided on a last minute trip to visit me and Pat, so instead of a mellow and relaxing weekend we did a ton of exploring. Not that I am complaining. I had been wanting to get back to Smith Rock for a long time now, and my fam being in town provided the perfect opportunity. We even made it out to the Obsidian Flow for another hike on Sunday. Monday me and Pat went out to his dads place and spent the entire day outside in the sunshine. Not too shabby.

I took so many freaking pictures over Memorial Day Weekend that I am going to have a do the usual summary here and then post the bulk of Smith Rock and the Obsidian Flow on their own later.

[[ buried in work. my 30 seconds of daily sunshine. the new cocktail spot in town. bringing back the fancy summer braids. sunshine and breakfast in the yard. smith rock preview pictures. sibling gymnastics fails. snow over the obsidian, we were not prepared. me & pops at the big obsidian flow. monday spent entirely outdoors at pat's dads place. ]]