Wednesday, May 29, 2013

visiting our tiny little grandma

Over the weekend me, Pat, and my little sister Meagan went to visit our Grandma. I wish that I lived closer so that I could see her more often, but it was a really great visit. We told old stories, she told us about growing up on her father's farm in Idaho, how she used to terrorize her youngest brother, about my mom as a child and how she used to fight with her older sister, and about how her and my grandpa met. She was smiling and laughing which is something I had not seen for a long time, and we even snapped a couple of quick pictures before heading home.

I love this strong, stubborn, and kind hearted woman so so so much. 

[[ me, meagan, grandma norma, and grandpa gary. ]]

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Last Tuesday night me and Pat went to see Pepper at The Domino Room in Bend. That venue makes me miss The Roseland... come on Bend, you can do better than that!

I started listening to Pepper when me and Pat were first dating and "Give It Up" came on in his car, but I had never gotten the chance to see them perform. The show was really fun, although they played a lot of their new stuff which I am not familiar with, so it was a little slow at times. They are great live though. Very high energy and they sing the songs just like they sound in their albums, which I appreciated. They started off with an acoustic set in leu of an opening band and then moved on to their normal style afterwards. Towards the end me and Pat made out way down to the floor and finished up the show at the front of the crowd. Not too bad for a Tuesday night in Bend, and I am happy I finally got to see them. Here is the setlist if you are interested. One thing I thought was a bit odd is that "Give It Up" was acoustic...

I did not get the greatest pictures, but I will post what I got. I blame the venue... it didn't exactly have the best set up. I also grabbed a few better pictures off of Instagram (photo credit below). If you want some even better shots from our concert check out this link on the BLM website.

[[ from instagram, photo credit: stephmoney88. a_gut. stonedharts. raiderjosh87. laysancartwright. ]]
[[ my pics from the pepper show, from the balcony and the floor. ]]

And of course, here is a sample of some music. Enjoy. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

my week in pictures 7

monday 5/20 - sunday 5/26

This was a busy week! We had something going on every single day after work, and then after spending our weekend in Portland, I feel like I need another weekend from my weekend. I can't complain too much though, we got to go to a Pepper concert, have some really great free meals, see my pops and all of my siblings, visit my grandma, eat dinner and share some drinks with my best friends at one of my favorite restaurants in Portland, and even get in on some photobooth action.

[[ working on a childrens menu. silvermoon pre-funk. pepper concert in bend. goose crossing. free jello shots from realtors at a chamber event for work. delicious dinner at "the new" range two nights in a row. hampster!? the fam. checking out the new new old lompoc with my bff. montage macaroni dinner! the classic leftovers pics. white owl photobooth & mirror pics. a preview of the shots. ]]

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

my week in pictures 6

monday 5/13 - sunday 5/19

Last week was pretty mellow so I didn't take too many pictures, but here are a few of 'em below.

[[ a family stroll. the aftermath of my hair cut. this one time, i came home from lunch, and pat had a mustache. checking out the putting course for a young professionals event after work. selfies at 10 below. baby geese everywhere! gym time. congratulating my co-workers on completing pole, pedal, paddle. dinner at brickhouse. its good to be here. ]]

Thursday, May 16, 2013

wayside viewpoint

Last Saturday after tasting some wine at Maragas in Terrebonne, Pat's dad took us to a scenic viewpoint above a deep canyon just up the road.

I have been researching and cannot figure out what this canyon is called. What I do know is that the bridge running over it is part of the Blue Star Memorial Highway and that the small park near the bridge is named after Peter Skene Ogden, who was a fir trapper in the late 1700s and early 1800s said to have lead one of the first expeditions in to the Central Oregon region (which I read off of a sign at the park). I hope that you have enjoyed your history lesson for today.

This canyon is made up of basalt cliffs and quickly plummets 300 feet to the river below. There were even signs telling people to leave dogs in their cars because many have been lost over the edge! As you can see there are a series of bridges that cross over the canyon, one for trains, an old one that is shut down, and one that is utilized by car and foot traffic, which we crossed over to get a few pictures. Being afraid of heights and noticing that the railings were not very tall, I was a little bit weary about standing in the center of the bridge, as I am sure you can gather from my facial expressions as the wind blew.

[[ basalt cliffs. railroad bridge. a warning. pat glancing over the edge. steel bridge up close. me standing over the center of the cliff, looking terrified. the river below. park dedication signs. ]]

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

my week in pictures 5

monday 5/6 - sunday 5/12

Last week flew by, probably because we had Rory staying with us for a portion which made every day seem like it was Friday. When he arrived Tuesday night we went to Goodlife for some dinner and drinks. Wednesday night we went over to Pat's dads place for dinner, bringing Harlow along. Thursday after work I ran home in a rain storm. (The weather was all over the place.) Saturday was sweltering, and me and Pat went wine tasting and explored a canyon nearby with his dad in Tumalo. (I will share more pictures of the canyon later this week). Sunday we did an open house during the day, and then took ourselves out for sushi and drinks as a little impromptu date night. It was a pretty solid week!

[[ good life: bacon squared. the best pretzel in town. brews. sunkissed skin. warm spring day. sunny wednesday. pat & harlow. fetch. flower print pants. confetti nails. crossing sign. running away from the storm. fresh meals. thunder. smile. meragas winery: smith rock views. literature. barrels. a little picnic outside. delicious snack combinations. at the cliff. me & pat in the middle of the bridge. date night: a drink at velvet. dinner at 5 fusion. beef carpaccio. delicious rolls. ]]