Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Last Tuesday night me and Pat went to see Pepper at The Domino Room in Bend. That venue makes me miss The Roseland... come on Bend, you can do better than that!

I started listening to Pepper when me and Pat were first dating and "Give It Up" came on in his car, but I had never gotten the chance to see them perform. The show was really fun, although they played a lot of their new stuff which I am not familiar with, so it was a little slow at times. They are great live though. Very high energy and they sing the songs just like they sound in their albums, which I appreciated. They started off with an acoustic set in leu of an opening band and then moved on to their normal style afterwards. Towards the end me and Pat made out way down to the floor and finished up the show at the front of the crowd. Not too bad for a Tuesday night in Bend, and I am happy I finally got to see them. Here is the setlist if you are interested. One thing I thought was a bit odd is that "Give It Up" was acoustic...

I did not get the greatest pictures, but I will post what I got. I blame the venue... it didn't exactly have the best set up. I also grabbed a few better pictures off of Instagram (photo credit below). If you want some even better shots from our concert check out this link on the BLM website.

[[ from instagram, photo credit: stephmoney88. a_gut. stonedharts. raiderjosh87. laysancartwright. ]]
[[ my pics from the pepper show, from the balcony and the floor. ]]

And of course, here is a sample of some music. Enjoy.