Wednesday, August 28, 2013

my week in pictures 20

monday 8/19 - friday 8/25

During my Birthday week I was totally sick, so I don't really have too many pictures to post unfortunately. I think lack of sleep and my overactive trip to the gym on Monday sealed my fate. At least I had a book to read, my coworkers book actually... about murdering her ex boyfriends... should I be concerned? I had it completed by Thursday and found it highly entertaining.

On my actual Birthday Pat made my chocolate pancakes, took me out for some drinks, for my birthday hat from Boneyard, and to get my birthday present (a Kindle so that I can start reading more!). Since I still wasn't feeling 100% we kept it fairly mellow, and finished up the evening with some Grand Cru (my favorite!), a homemade bacon covered scallops dinner, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It turned out to be a really good bday after all. The only thing missing was ice cream, I was still too sick for ice cream. Sunday we went over to Pat's dads place to have some puppy time.

[[ a little something i am working on. reading at the gym. chocolate chip pancakes! free birthday hat! a few brews. beautiful sunset. awesome instagram collages from my friends. playing with my birthday present. rickie! ]]

Saturday, August 24, 2013

another year older...

I think this might have been the fastest year of my LIFE! So many big, no, pretty huge changes have occurred throughout my 26th year such as: finally leaving Corvallis, completely relocating our entire lives to the fabulous city of Bend with no real plan in mind, starting an actual career with the position I had been freelancing for, and even bigger things that I can't even say yet... Well, I guess, it is my birthday so I can say whatever I want. I will give you a hint, it involves moving in to a house that we might not actually be renting. (More on that soon)!

[[ a picture of me from today with my free boneyard birthday hat. ]]

Checking in on my 30 before 30 List it actually looks like I am moving right along.

I have been reading lots of books (and the birthday present Pat got me should help out with that even more), the format of my blog has changed (even if it is not what I initially intended), wedding plans are in the works, me and Pat have made it to California, Seattle, and Vegas together so far, we got to see Deftones together finally, we moved out of Corvallis, I am really happy with my job and our soon to be living situation, I am working really hard to get myself in to shape, I am actively working on my photography, once we move I will really get cracking on the picture printing, I am doing my best to stay in touch with friends with little meet-ups, and we have been practicing our long boarding skills (not so much this year, but I made a lot of progress last year, we need to get back at it). I still have a long way to go though... I haven't made much progress with painting, and obviously no tattoos yet to speak of... There are others as well, but I have a few more years to go. I think its important to have goals, even if they are not all accomplished in time. :)

Alright, here goes another year. I wonder what 27 will have in store for me... Hopefully many great things, and a slower pace!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

my week in pictures 19

monday 8/12 - sunday 8/18

Last week was a really busy one, but not solely because of work this time... although, who am I kidding, work was pretty damn busy. Friday was Pat's birthday and since I was going to be absent for the rest of the weekend for a wedding, I decided to take the day off to spend time with him... and at the Bend Brewfest. Pat had planned to take advantage of the fact that I had a wedding to go to, and that several of his guy friends significant others would be at the same baby shower, to throw a guys weekend (no girls allowed). Unfortunately he extended the invitation to Thursday night as well, so I was sort of a party crasher for the first night. After spending all day cramping their style on Friday I made my escape to Portland early Saturday morning where I had just enough time to help my "date"Brad with his outfit, or more specifically take him shopping for one, get ready myself, and show up in Gresham barely in time for the wedding ceremony.

By the way, the wedding was for my old old friend Amy Adams, or I guess Amy Anderson now. It was kind of like a mini high school reunion, but it was great to see her family/neighbors again (I pretty much lived at her house in high school), and spend time with some of my old friends. Plus, drinking free wine and dancing around like an idiot at weddings is always pretty fun. I am happy I was able to be a part of such a big day for the beautiful bride.

Sunday afternoon I grabbed lunch with some of my family, did a tiny bit of shopping at H&M, and then it was back in the car again for another 3.5 hour journey. All the back in fourth definitely made me miss the comparably easy commute from Corvallis to Portland. I got home in time to say goodbye to the remaining guests from guys weekend and then found my favorite spot on the couch to relax.

Oops... I kind of forgot I was supposed to keep these write-ups simple. Oh well, here are the pics, without further adieu.

[[ the ridiculous/awesome leggings that pat's mom bought for me... making "you suck at parking" cards for pat (he has been requesting them for years). the moon/the sky. boys overtaking my house. pat's free birthday hat! the brewfest. most of the guys. amy's wedding: walking down the aisle. me & whitney (an old friend). mike. robin. dance dance. me & the bride. the bouquet. old friends. my handsome date. sparklers. ]]

((( For the record, the dress I wore to Amy's wedding was totally minty colored but it looks almost white in all the pictures! Oops! )))

Friday, August 16, 2013

happy birthday babe!!!

Happy Happy Birthday to my favoritest person on the planet! Love you babe! Glad to see that you held on to your style after all of these years... I hope that you have a glorious brew filled guys weekend!  ♥ 

[[ pat stylin back in the day. ]]

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

my week in pictures 18

monday 8/5 - sunday 8/11

I am going to sum last week up with a few words:
hike. rain. sunset. pancakes. games. sushi. puppy.

[[ clothes. smokey day hike after work. caught in a random rainstorm. sunset. pats creation, peanut butter & jelly pancakes. beers and games at goodlife. sushi dinner. me and rickie. puppy play time. up close. i met a froggy friend. croquet. sleepy pup. ]]

Thursday, August 8, 2013

happy birthday baby sister !

I can't believe my little sister is turning 19 today... WHAT??!! If she is 19, wait, does that mean I am old?! How did this even happen? Its funny, I had just started dating Pat when I turned 19. Its hard to imagine ever being the same age as she is, she seems so much younger to me.

Anyway, I love you little sister and am so proud of the person you have become/are becoming. You are seriously one of the best people I know, if not the best. And no, I am not just saying that because we are related. I promise. Love you so much!! Miss you!

[[ here is an old awkward picture of us being awkward brought to you by the abeautifulmess ap. ]]