Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30 before 30

I think that it is important to make and maintain reasonable goals throughout the day, the week, the year, or even several years. I realize that many people do not make their 30 before 30 list until a bit closer to the "due date", but I think it better to get started sooner then later. So, here goes nothing.

((( in no particular order of importance )))

1. Begin the tattooing process once and for all. 
I have been toying, no, obsessing over the idea of tattoos since I was maybe 13 years old. I have always been extremely drawn to the beautiful artwork people place on their bodies, and love what it represents. For me, it has been all about the permanence and wanting to make sure that all of my ideas are things I am willing to commit to. Well, by now I have faith in my ideas and have at least five that I am excited about placing on my body for good. It is just a matter of having the money and the time now. My goal was to get my first by or on my 25th birthday, but a financial kick in the ass ensured that was not going to happen. So sooner then later for number one is my goal as of now. Bring it on. UPDATE (8/24/16): Alright, so indecisive little me dropped the ball on this one a little bit, but I am seriously on the cusp here, and this will be once and for all checked off the list very soon. Standby. 

2. Continue to maintain my blog.
Initially I wanted to grow my blog more, make it bigger... more features, more followers, more photos. Once me and Pat moved over to Central Oregon we realized that our lives were about to change in a big way and that priorities needed to be set differently, which meant that I could no longer support so many posts with my new job/workload and maintain a proper work life balance. Therefore, in August 2013 I changed the format to be a dedicated weekly post and optional follow up as needed, rather than five posts a week including features. When I first altered the format I intended to get back to more posting over time, but I have to say, I am liking this new format more. It no longer feels like work and is easy to follow as I look back. Therefore, I am altering the goal to be "Continue to maintain my blog" instead of "Continue to develop my blog and brand myself. Grow it into something bigger", because I feel that it is right where it needs to be since at the end of the day I am doing it for myself as a reflection piece. UPDATE (8/24/16): When writing out my list, it was very important to me that I continued to maintain my blog in some capacity, and I believe i've done just that. Of course the quantity of content shifted as needed throughout those five years, but in some capacity its always been here, and will continue to be. I can't really say DONE since this is continuing work in progress, but i'm happy with what i've accomplished. 

3. Finish developing, and launch my personal website? 
DONE (8/24/16): I didn't know if this was something I would really end up focusing on when I wrote out the list (hence the ?), but I worked really hard this year and built this bad boy out (along with several other startups in the works), so i'm definitely calling this one accomplished.

4. Dream Job?
UPDATE (8/24/16): I originally added a ? at the end of this title because at the time doing something I loved and getting paid for it seemed too far out of grasp. Now, the word "dream" may be a bit much, and I of course have good days and bad days, but the truth is that i'm working in my field and getting paid good, even great compared to my 25 year old self, to do it. For now i'd say mission accomplished.

5. Return to NYC. 
New York was the most amazing trip of my life and I already cannot wait to go back! There are so many things left to explore, such as the remainder of The Met. I also really would like to row the boats in Central Park, find The Back Room, go to Erie Basin (an antique shop I just discovered online), explore more of Brooklyn, return to Catbird (quite possibly my favorite boutique of all time), and return to Belvedere Castle, to name a few.
UPDATE (8/24/16): Its almost shocking that we haven't been able to make it back there yet. I can't even believe I was so "young" in retrospect when we visited, got engaged, and had the time of our lives. I still cannot wait to get back. One day NY. One day. 

6. See Deftones again, this time with Pat. 
Most. Amazing. Concert. Ever. One problem, my love was missing. I cannot wait to see them again and bring Pat with me this time! (I would also really like to see Silversun Pickups and As I Lay Dying again, as well as It Dies Today for the first time). DONE! (10/12/12): Me and Pat finally got to see Deftones together at The Roseland in Portland, and it was an amazing show and we had great seats! Here is my post from the concert. UPDATE (8/24/16): Oh man, did I accomplish this goal. When I originally wrote out the list I had seen them play twice, and after this Saturday that number will be 6, so yea, nailed it. Me and Pat even traveled to California for them last summer, so we're approaching fanatic status at this point. I had also mentioned that it would be great to see Silversun Pickups again, and low and behold i've seen them two more times, once more just last night. So don't worry 25 year old Jenn, music is still life. 

7. Get in shape / A shape I am comfortable with. (in progress)
UPDATE (8/24/16): "Get in shape/a shape I am comfortable with", perfectly written, and I think I did get there to an extent. I hit the ground running in April of 2013 with at home workouts and eventually *gasp* actual running in preparation for our upcoming wedding, and man did it feel like slow progress at the time, but you know what, I felt good. Now this summer after taking a break (which I do NOT feel guilty about) I have come to realize that I really did do some work over those two years, and guess what? I can pick up again anytime I want, but ultimately its about feeling confident with what you've got, so in that sense, mission accomplished. 

8. Get married!! / Have an awesome wedding slash party!
Since me and Pat just got engaged not even two months ago, we are not in the planning process qyite yet, and have no date set for a wedding. However, I am sure we can make that happen within the next five years. :) DONE (7/25/15): Yep. Here's the video to prove it (and one of these days I will actually get some photos up here, and maybe up in my house as well). 

9. Go to Europe on an amazing adventure (or two). 
Me and Pat would love to drop everything and become world travelers... but alas, we are not financially able. However, I would like to make sure that we begin our world travels as soon as we are able and explore. Greece, Italy, Germany, Australia, and Japan are just a few of the many places we would like to go. (This of course is more of a life goal, but we can always start now). DONE (9/11/15): We went. We walked/ate/drank/explored/were completely in awe. In short, Europe was amazing and we cannot wait to get back (fingers crossed for 2017). On our first go we visited Paris, France, Bruges, Belgium, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Munich, Germany, but we have so much more to experience, and so many blog posts to do!

10. See what Vegas is all about. 
I have never been, but I think I could go for a little "sin" in the city famous for it. DONE (4/26/13): In April me, Pat, and his family took a trip to Vegas to celebrate Hayden's 21st birthday! It was one crazy place... plastic, sparkly, and full of splendor. Here are my Vegas posts. 

11. Go back to Mexico for a vacation. 
I went when I was 19 and cannot wait to go back. It is so beautiful and relaxing there! UPDATE (8/24/16): We didn't quite make this one in time, but its on our tentative itinerary for April 2017.

12. Visit my family in Cali and go on a road trip to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. 
I grew up in California (San Jose to be exact) until I was seven and spent every summer there through middle school, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. I would love to go visit my cousins at home, return to my grandmothers bridal store she has owned since before I was born, and take Pat to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to ride The Giant Dipper, which is my absolute favorite. UPDATE (10/1/12): We did not make it to Santa Cruz, but this summer I absolutely met up with all of my Blechman side of the family, and even had a road trip with lots of fun stops! I would say this one is half way done. DONE (9/15/13): In September me and Pat went back to San Jose for my cousin Ashley's wedding and I was able to spend a day in Santa Cruz with him exploring the boardwalk. Ah childhood nostalgia. UPDATE (8/24/16): My goal was to visit family in California and bring Pat with me to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and we definitely made that happen. Not only did I head to San Diego for a reunion, and to the bay area with my best friend, but me and Pat went on several more trips throughout California, including two road trips, two trips to Palm Springs, visits to Disneyland and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, attended two weddings, and most definitely visited Santa Cruz. 

13. Take a weekend trip to Seattle.
I have not been since high school and I am dying to return with my camera in tow and Pat by my side for a nice little weekend adventure. DONE (4/18/13): Me and Pat took a weekend road trip to Seattle and had the best time just the two of us! We ate, drank, shopped, and pretty thoroughly explored the city of seafood and speakeasies. I was in love with the nightlife we discovered and all of the good eats. I definitely want to go back sometime soon. Again, I have yet to edit the hundreds of pictures we snapped and create a post, but here is my little preview post for now. 

14. Return to Ashland for a visit. 
I moved to Ashland right when I turned 18 to start Freshmen year of college and I absolutely loved it there. It is a special pocket of Oregon... Not only does it look more like California with its rolling brown hills, but the weather is unique as well. It snows, or is sunny out and rarely rains at all, which is amazing for the Northwest. Not only that, but the people there are some of the genuinely nicest I have come across thus far. The place has an effect on everyone I feel. I came in a preppy(ish) little high schooler like all the rest, and left more or less my own person, with gauged ears, and a clear idea of what I wanted to do "when I grew up". Needless to say, I miss it, and would love to take a weekend trip or two. UPDATE (8/2/13): Last summer when me and Pat drove north through California on our way home we did stop in Ashland for a little lunch and a brief meet up with my old roommate Paul. Although this is not exactly the full fledged trip I had in mind, and it would be nice to explore the campus a bit, it felt great to drive past everything and be immersed in the Ashland state of mind once again, if only for an hour or two. 

15. Paint. Paint. Paint. 
I have not painted since Johni died... not one thing except for the present I made for Tiff and Jason when they got married. I miss it. I want to get back in the habit of creating something new with paint when I get some down time. Perhaps a goal of 10 new paintings would be reasonable, hopefully more. UPDATE (8/24/16): I have done some painting since I wrote this out, but I didn't really make my goal as written on this one. However, i'm totally fine with it, my hobbies have just shifted a bit these days. 

16. Move out of Corvallis.
All of my friends and most of my family live in the Portland area, so ultimately I would love to get back there to settle down and be around the people I love. OR Bend is also a part of Oregon that me and Pat really love and could live in. Basically, I want a change of scenery, so it would be nice to get out of Corvallis once and for all. DONE (1/2/13): On January 2nd 2013 me and Pat finally moved out of Corvallis to Bend Oregon. Cheers to new adventures in a new town! Here is my moving announcement post. UPDATE (8/24/16): At the time I wrote out my list I could not wait to get out of Corvallis, and now we're living in beautiful Bend, Oregon, and could not be happier! 

17. Buy our first home?
DONE (8/29/13): Wow, seriously didn't expect this one to happen before I turned 30 in real life! Loving it so far. Here is my "This One Time We Bought A House" post.

18. Get better at long boarding. 
Practice makes perfect. Become comfortable riding around town by myself like a pro. UPDATE (8/24/16): Alright, so I kind of let this one fall to the wayside, especially since we got sweet new bikes last year, but never say never. 

19. Stay close / In touch with all of my friends.
This will be a toughy, but I am committed to make it happen. These people are too valuable not to. UPDATE (8/24/16): Yea, why not. Some friends have shifted and I may not be able to see or talk to them as often, but ties are still great and I love my old and new friends.

20. Print photos and get them in albums and frames. 
(I realize this sounds like no big deal, but it is going to take some major time). I have been slacking for years. They go up online and never see a wall or a photo album. I need to break the habit before something happens to them. DONE: I finally tackled this project! I need to get albums going, but the walls have been picturified... finally... UPDATE (8/24/16): All I need to do now is get some of those wedding and honeymoon pics up, but it felt good to get a big chunk of this done over the last couple years. 

21. Become a better photographer. 
I got my SLR when I was still in college, and I am improving, but I will never stop playing around and pushing myself to become better at my hobby. UPDATE (8/24/16): I can't say done, because this is always going to be a work in progress, but.. Still tinkering around, and though I may not be the best at shooting stuff, my editing skills are only getting stronger. I have SO many photos from Europe to comb through and get up on my new blog, its ridiculous! 

22. Learn to cook. Do it more often. 
Fortunately for me Pat is an amazing cook. Unfortunately for me I really hate cooking. I would like to learn how so that is becomes more enjoyable and I can help out more often. DONE (8/24/16): We've found a system that works for us, Blue Apron baby! It has seriously made me enjoy it so much more, and now me and Pat work together to prepare dinner every night. Its been amazing for our relationship, and bellies. 

23. Try snowboarding.
UPDATE (8/24/16): Not yet, but I mean, we live 20 from a mountain now so this is definitely not far fetched. 

24. Get scuba certified / Go diving. (fear). 
I am terrified! But, scuba is one of Pats hobbies ad he has been doing it for years. At some point I am just going to have to suck it up and try. UPDATE (8/24/16): I don't think this one is in the cards for me, though I love how passionate Pat is about it. The fact is I just have way too many issues with my ears that it really trumps my desire to make this one happen for myself, and i'm fine with that. Snorkeling is good enough for me. 

25. Learn how to defend myself (via kickboxing or self defense class)? 
DONE (8/24/16): YES! I actually took a kick ass self defense class last year which was something out of my element, and though sure, I could use a refresher, I really learned a lot. 

26. Learn how to play part of a song on the guitar. 
I am being realistic here and saying just a little bit of guitar. Pat tried to teach me part of "Stairway to Heaven" once, it did not quite click. I would like to give it another go. UPDATE (8/24/16): I didn't get a chance to mess with this skill too much, but i've got plenty of time to make this happen. 

27. Find my perfect shades of red and neutral lipstick. 
DONE (8/24/16): This is a silly one, but especially at 25 lipstick made me feel like an "adult", and though i'm still working on that one, I do have some good shades in my arsenal.  

28. Crowd Surf.
DONE: (3/20/14) To be honest, I wasn't sure that I would ever actually get this one done! Last week at the Memphis May Fire concert I not only got my first crowd surfing experience, but I also got a chance to get on stage and dive off in to the crowd!! I may have come away with a few bruises and a gash on my nose, but it was soo worth it!

29. Open and maintain a savings account / Have financial stability in general. 

30. Read 20 books from my Literary Classics List. 
(I will post my version of this list sometime soon). UPDATE (8/24/16): So I never did make that list, but I have been a reading machine and am loving it. So many down, so many more to go. I had forgotten how much I love reading until I got my Kindle. Seriously such a great birthday present for me, thanks babe!

31. Establish an Etsy shop?
UPDATE (8/24/16): A few years ago I decided this wasn't something I wanted anymore, and that's ok. 

32. Learn a new language, or at least take beginner steps?
I took Japanese in high school and cannot say it is getting much use now. I have also forgotten much of my training, which is really unfortunate. I would like to get back into it or another language before traveling too much. UPDATE (8/24/16): Me and Pat spent the summer before our trip to Europe learning French by taking an online college course! Well, not like fluent French or anything, but enough to get ourselves around, and it totally came in handy. I definitely want to brush up again soon, and maybe even try some other languages. 

((( as I begin to accomplish some of these I will cross them off  )))