Friday, September 6, 2013

this one time we bought a house...

Sorry to be so sneaky and weird lately. Most of you already know anyway, but I was waiting to do an official post about it until everything went through. So, here is a story for you about this one time that me and Pat bought a house... 

[[ signing papers on 8/29/2013. ]]

Me and Pat moved over to Central Oregon so that I could start a full time Design position with the resort company I had been freelancing for since 2011. Although we had been discussing the potential of this position for quite some time, it took a while to get the final go ahead, giving me and Pat barely a month get ourselves moved over here. This resulted in us settling in to Pat's parents house at Eagle Crest, which had been on the market (and still is) for quite some time. Thankfully we had such a housing opportunity available to us. Since we never intended for this to be a permanent solution, we began looking at rentals in Bend without much luck.

Flash forward to a few months ago when we realized that with a little help on a downpayment we could actually afford to buy a house instead of renting something. Although the possibility was scary at the time (and still is a little bit), we both knew that we wanted to move in to Bend and stick around, so in June we began looking at homes on the market. After a string of "definitely nots", "these are way over priced", and failed bidding attempts, we were shown a cute two story in an older neighborhood on the North East Side with an amazing backyard. I was immediately intrigued by the unique vibe of the remodeled interior and potential to make the place our own. But we had a few others to look at that day, so after our showings were concluded we grabbed some lunch, (and a beer), and discussed the possibilities. One thing lead to another and we decided that if we were seriously interested we would have to jump quickly since from experience things had been moving extremely fast around here. We called our agent, put in an offer a bit under asking, and to make a long story short, our offer was accepted the next morning.

This was July. Move forward again to the end of August, and after numerous visits, an inspector, some repairs by the owners, a higher than expected appraisal, a ton of insurance mumbo-jumbo, and what seemed like an endless slew of terms and paperwork, we were in the office signing our lives away on our very first home.

[[ picking up keys and enjoying a glass of wine for the first time in our new place. 9/6/2013. ]] 

Tonight we picked up our keys and its all official! Me and Pat own a home together in Bend!! This is the home that we will start our married lives together (once we get around to that of course) and we couldn't be happier!! In the future you can expect a lot of DIY projects and before and after posts... we have big plans for this place already. Since September is an extremely busy month we plan to move in slowly and will hopefully make the switch over by the first weekend in October.

Wish us luck!