Thursday, September 5, 2013

my week in pictures 21 :: labor day weekend

monday 8/26 - monday 9/2

The week leading up to Labor Day weekend was full of storms, and the craziest lightening I have ever seen over Smith Rock. I got some pictures of the local aftermath in our neighborhood. Luckily it all cleared up in time for my family to come and visit for the long weekend! I loved having them here. I took them to a bunch of the restaurants that me and Pat really like, and to the awesome pool at one of the resorts I work for. You guys definitely need to come back and visit again soon. My brother Nic also brought me and Pat an awesome housewarming present (Cards Against Humanity), thanks Nic! And I even got to meet up with an old friend from high school who was in town for the weekend.

On Thursday me and Pat also signed some very important papers, but more on that tomorrow. Afterwards we went out to a celebratory dinner at Ariana's which is a fancy restaurant we have been wanting to try. It was amazing.

All in all I would say that Labor Day Weekend was a big success. Hooray for short work weeks.

[[ aftermath of the storm. trying out a new sushi place. enjoying my hammock. celebratory dinner. beautiful day at old mill. free mgmt concert while they warmed up. deschutes tasting room. meagan on her phone all weekend. lunch at crux. breakfast at one street down. being silly at the pool. sweet painting at dinner. being silly at noi. drinks and cards. meeting up with nina at velvet. ice cream in sisters. me and pops. family pics in the woods. a candid. ]]
Note the picture on the bottom that Meagan sent me. It is one of my new favorites of us and totally candid! We must love each other or something... :)