Wednesday, August 28, 2013

my week in pictures 20

monday 8/19 - friday 8/25

During my Birthday week I was totally sick, so I don't really have too many pictures to post unfortunately. I think lack of sleep and my overactive trip to the gym on Monday sealed my fate. At least I had a book to read, my coworkers book actually... about murdering her ex boyfriends... should I be concerned? I had it completed by Thursday and found it highly entertaining.

On my actual Birthday Pat made my chocolate pancakes, took me out for some drinks, for my birthday hat from Boneyard, and to get my birthday present (a Kindle so that I can start reading more!). Since I still wasn't feeling 100% we kept it fairly mellow, and finished up the evening with some Grand Cru (my favorite!), a homemade bacon covered scallops dinner, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It turned out to be a really good bday after all. The only thing missing was ice cream, I was still too sick for ice cream. Sunday we went over to Pat's dads place to have some puppy time.

[[ a little something i am working on. reading at the gym. chocolate chip pancakes! free birthday hat! a few brews. beautiful sunset. awesome instagram collages from my friends. playing with my birthday present. rickie! ]]