Tuesday, September 10, 2013

my week in pictures 22

monday 9/2 - sunday 9/8

Last week we got keys to our new place and started cleaning and exploring. Most of our after work hours were spent there in fact, so I don't have too many great weekly photos to post. However, on the weekend we headed for Corvallis to watch the OSU vs. Hawaii game which was a TON of fun! We even got to play a round of beer pong in our old place with our old roomate Adam and some of his friends. It was great meeting up with everyone and I am looking forward to the next home game we will be attending (Stanford or USC, not sure which one is first). As usual we had to hit up Block15 before we skipped town, and I even talked everyone to heading over to my favorite gelato place for dessert. Oh yea, and Go Beavs!

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