Wednesday, September 11, 2013

going going, back back, to cali cali

(Ridiculous title, but I couldn't help myself...)

Tomorrow me and Pat are off to California again, this time for my favoritest cousin Ashley's wedding!! I am really excited to see everyone, go to the wedding I have been looking forward to all summer, and spend some quality time in San Jose, my original home town! My goal is to even take Pat to Santa Cruz for a day. Fingers crossed that we have time.

[[ me and ashley circa 1990ish. i can't believe this girl is getting married!!

The only issue with yet another out of state adventure is that I still have pictures from Seattle, Las Vegas, and various hikes around Central Oregon to finish editing, write up, and post!! Man, I am a real slacker this year... I know I don't have a ton of time yet, but I am thinking getting all caught up is going to need to be an end of the year goal. So, there you have it, by 12/31/2013 I WILL have all of my Photo Adventures up on the blog.