Wednesday, May 15, 2013

my week in pictures 5

monday 5/6 - sunday 5/12

Last week flew by, probably because we had Rory staying with us for a portion which made every day seem like it was Friday. When he arrived Tuesday night we went to Goodlife for some dinner and drinks. Wednesday night we went over to Pat's dads place for dinner, bringing Harlow along. Thursday after work I ran home in a rain storm. (The weather was all over the place.) Saturday was sweltering, and me and Pat went wine tasting and explored a canyon nearby with his dad in Tumalo. (I will share more pictures of the canyon later this week). Sunday we did an open house during the day, and then took ourselves out for sushi and drinks as a little impromptu date night. It was a pretty solid week!

[[ good life: bacon squared. the best pretzel in town. brews. sunkissed skin. warm spring day. sunny wednesday. pat & harlow. fetch. flower print pants. confetti nails. crossing sign. running away from the storm. fresh meals. thunder. smile. meragas winery: smith rock views. literature. barrels. a little picnic outside. delicious snack combinations. at the cliff. me & pat in the middle of the bridge. date night: a drink at velvet. dinner at 5 fusion. beef carpaccio. delicious rolls. ]]