Thursday, May 16, 2013

wayside viewpoint

Last Saturday after tasting some wine at Maragas in Terrebonne, Pat's dad took us to a scenic viewpoint above a deep canyon just up the road.

I have been researching and cannot figure out what this canyon is called. What I do know is that the bridge running over it is part of the Blue Star Memorial Highway and that the small park near the bridge is named after Peter Skene Ogden, who was a fir trapper in the late 1700s and early 1800s said to have lead one of the first expeditions in to the Central Oregon region (which I read off of a sign at the park). I hope that you have enjoyed your history lesson for today.

This canyon is made up of basalt cliffs and quickly plummets 300 feet to the river below. There were even signs telling people to leave dogs in their cars because many have been lost over the edge! As you can see there are a series of bridges that cross over the canyon, one for trains, an old one that is shut down, and one that is utilized by car and foot traffic, which we crossed over to get a few pictures. Being afraid of heights and noticing that the railings were not very tall, I was a little bit weary about standing in the center of the bridge, as I am sure you can gather from my facial expressions as the wind blew.

[[ basalt cliffs. railroad bridge. a warning. pat glancing over the edge. steel bridge up close. me standing over the center of the cliff, looking terrified. the river below. park dedication signs. ]]