Friday, December 19, 2014

my week in pictures 81

monday 12/8 - sunday 12/14

Week, work.

Over the weekend we headed to Salem to see Tony, Alex, and Rory before he went back to Idaho (waahhhhh *sad face*). We actually ended up seeing a ton more people than that on Saturday, so the weekend was really fun. Also, who knew that Salem has some good places to eat/drink now? That definitely didn't seem like the case a few years ago. On Friday we headed straight to Gilgamesh and met everyone for dinner and some beers before going back to the house and hanging out. Me and Alex ended up sitting in the garage in Tony's car project slash "piece of metal" for several hours talking and went to bed very very late/early, so Saturday was a little rough. Worse for her though, she had to work in the morning!

In the afternoon we met up with Dave and did a little Christmas shopping before heading downtown to a whiskey bar to meet more friends and grab some dinner. Afterwards we went to Archive, which is a coffee bar by day, and serves drinks at night. The atmosphere was awesome and so were the drinks. I will definitely be back one day. They also had some pretty sweet straw/stirrers... and I might have accidentally totally on purpose taken one. Oops? Next we met even more people at Coin Jam, which is an arcade that has snacks and beer. Me and Alex got in a pretty serious air hockey battle (I lost), and Pat and Tonys cousin Chris battled over Street Fighter. It was a fun night.

On Sunday we grabbed a very late brunch at Word of Mouth (also new, and delicious) and then headed through the fog back over the pass for home.

[[ sushi serving shells, i couldn't resist. midweek drinks at dogwood. a visit to gilgamesh. this is how boys shop... or alternate title, on saturdays we wear flannel (rory missed the memo). archive, this place was awesome! sweet threat and nail mural. just charging my phone and answering calls on stage at the whiskey bar. getting real serious about air hockey at coin jam. street fighter wars. hon. rawry. chillin in tony's "piece of metal". brunch at word of mouth, delicious, and super cute decor. in to the fog. ]]