Wednesday, November 26, 2014

my week in pictures 78

monday 11/17 - sunday 11/23

I really hurt my back last week, so I was terrible at taking pictures even though we spent the weekend in Portland, but I did manager to snap a few good ones.

Busy weekend. Lot's of people. Here's the rundown: The snow stuck around for the most of the week, but the pass cleared off just in time for us to head to Portland Friday night for my brothers bday. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take any pictures, so all I have are the photobooth shots me and Guenther took. My bad. On Saturday we met up with Brad, Alia, and their daughter Henley to do some shopping and hang out. She is a cute little bugger! I even held her without being scared (mostly). We also grabbed lunch with my dad. That night went out with Tony, Alex, and Hayden on 23rd for dinner and drinks. Sunday we grabbed lunch with my mom and grandpa before heading to Salem to visit Pats grandma in the hospital after her heart surgery. She, being like the energizer bunny, is back home now.

It was pouring down rain the entire time we were in the valley, so we got to drive through a flooding I-5 when we were heading out. Endless weeks of rain, I do not miss you at all.

[[ weekday snow. grabbing lunch with pats pops and playing with the pups. creepy portrait at our coffee stop on the way out of town. german beers friday night. photoboothing about it. visits with henley! lunch. dinner. picture. pool. hayden. a flooding i-5. ]]