Friday, November 21, 2014

my week in pictures 77

monday 11/10 - sunday 11/16

Alright, so I have been slacking on my posting lately... things are just insanely busy around here, so I haven't had as many pictures as I usually do. Therefore I am skipping the first week in November and jumping forward to the next one where there was a lot more going on.

We got our first snow of the season! And it was a pretty decent amount of snow too! We went to bed Wednesday night and woke up to about 12 inches and a steady snowfall throughout the entire day. I love it when it snows over here (as long as I have a driver). Over the weekend we went on lots of walks and played in the snow every chance we got.

Enjoy tons of white washed photos below. :)

[[ giant bear at costco. lunch at the new jackson's corner. morning snow! entertaining ourselves in lowes while the snow tires get put on the audi: olaf! christmas wonderland. climbing giant plow piles. shadow fun. morning snow closeup. heading to old mill. playing around in the amphitheater: cheesing. scenery. snack. karate chop. icicles. sunset. ]]