Wednesday, November 27, 2013

my week in pictures 32

monday 11/18 - sunday 11/24

I wasn't very good at pictures this week, oops. I spent a ton of time going through thousands of photos to get them ready for printing... we really need some snapshots up on our walls. Other than that and being freaking freezing (notice the 10 degrees external temp on my car on the way to work), we met up with some friends for dinner and football and ran a bunch of errands. We also made it up to Pilot Butte finally for the first time. It was crystal clear and beautiful up there, we could even see our street. I seriously love this city we live in. On Sunday Pat's Dad showed up with his newest puppy Lucy! We had no idea that he had gotten her already. Now he has Ricky and Lucy, a black and a yellow lab... adorable, right?!

[[ editing through millions of pictures to finally get some prints. fancy wine. rainbow on the way to work. yep, 10 degrees, burrr. lunch at jackson's. the view of our beautiful city from pilot butte. my house is down there. meet lucy, pat's dad's newest family member. puppy! ]]