Thursday, September 18, 2014

my week in pictures 69

tuesday 9/9 - sunday 9/14

I barely have any pictures to post for this week, only because I am saving most of them for their own series of posts. Wednesday through Friday I was in Telluride Colorado for work and I took so many pictures of the beautiful cowboy town. Look out for those after my next trip (I am going back in a week).

Over the weekend me and Pat began the wedding venue search again and checked out a farm/ranch and a winery... The farm/ranch was a bit too rustic. Not only would we have to spend a ton of money bringing things in to make it look good, there were spiderwebs everywhere, AND we both got several bug bites in less than an hour. Not so much. The winery was more of a looking to say we did type of thing, but I never had much interest to begin with. As it turns out they up-charge way too much for any alcohol (which all has to be purchased through them, including beer), so we quickly ruled that one out as well. The hunt continues.

[[ my first impressions of telluride: view out my hotel room window. gondola ride down to town. exploring the ranch. maragas. checking out the new wild ride brewery in redmond, not bad.