Thursday, October 25, 2012

halloween costume '12

I can't believe that its already almost Halloween! Where did the month of October go?! I feel like I missed the entire thing... No pumpkin patch this year (unfortunately), but there is still time for pumpkin carving and a few more holiday movies (thus far I have only watched Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas). And I have yet to eat even a piece of candy corn, which is very unlike me.

Anyway, since Halloween is on a Wednesday (which is super awkward), everyone is celebrating this weekend instead. I figured in the tradition of my past two years of blogging, that I had better announce what we will be dressing up as this year...

Wayne's World, Wayne's World, Party Time, Excellent!
Me and Pat are going to be Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World! I am super excited! It should be hilarious!! Here is some costume inspiration... We have a lot of work to do!
[[ images from google images, video found on youtube from the first movie. ]]
((( Here is what we were last year, and the year before. )))