Monday, October 24, 2011

halloween costume(s) '11

This week (and quite possibly all of next) will be devoted to Halloween!!!
(weekend adventures will have to wait).

I thought I would start off by doing a costume announcement now that we have finally decided on our outfits for the festivities this weekend. (Technically there are two this year, because I am doing something with my friends downtown Friday night, and Saturday me and Pat are going to a big house party with his).

Friday night for dancing with my friends I am going to get my nerd on. I already have some rainbow suspenders and the perfect tshirt, so now it is just a matter of adding on extras. Actually, if you think about it my two costumes sort of go together after all.

[[ from love makes the world go w-e-i-r-d. ]] 

For Saturday (the main event) me and Pat (& Tony) are going as....

[[ images from google images. ]]

Mario Brothers and Princess Peach!
The boys costumes are going to be traditional Mario and Luigi, but I sort of always do things with my own spin on them, so do not expect to see any store bought concoctions from me next week when I post party pictures. I ordered some things online which just came in this morning, so I am really excited to try everything on (fingers crossed). I just need a few more little somethings for my look, including some home made glitter shoes I will be attempting. The boys should be good to go once their costumes arrive. PUMPED! (oh, and no, I am not wearing a blond wig, I like to mix it up).

Here are some of my inspirations. (I first got the idea when Green Wedding Shoes posted a Mario Inspired Wedding back in July).

[[ top image from green wedding shoes. bottom from pinterest, original source unknown. ]]