Thursday, October 20, 2011

celebrations & buried treasure

After work me and Pat went out for happy hour at Downward Dog to celebrate payday! They have really great happy hour deals on drinks, though we were not overly impressed with the food. However, for a drink and some simple snacks, I would highly recommend it. Even Rory stopped by for a little while to tell us that he got a firefighting job! We are both super happy that he can finally start doing what he loves!!
(Congrats Rory, you deserve it).

When we got home we were listening to some 'old' music, which sparked my curiosity, so I rummaged through our office to find my CD case from high school. Though it is obviously missing several CDs for some reason, there were definitely some forgotten goodies in there, such as old Warped Tour albums, and mixes Pat made for me when we were first dating. I also found some little notes tucked away with playlists and bands written down all over them. So silly and nostalgic. Music has always been a HUGE part of me and Pats relationship, so we always like to go back and reminisce. 

[[ my old cd case... warped tour comps. my favorite album design ever. the used. the case. nirvana. decorated mix. brand new. blindslide. (not pictured)... thrice. chevelle. seether. underoath. senses fail. atreyu. as i lay dying. sugarcult. pepper. misc. 70s albums. zeppelin. missy elliot (random). taking back sunday. hawthorne heights. story of the year. no doubt. &&& a lot of random mixes. ]]

By the way... There was not a swarm of "emo" (I hate that word/phrase) kids back then... so I guess we were just a little bit punk? I don't know. I know one thing for sure, my parents did not love my type of music blasting constantly since my room was next door to theirs. I have definitely always been the odd one in my family.