Tuesday, October 25, 2011

pumpkin patch '11

Last Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch finally, late start this year. Unfortunately everything was really picked over, and the patch itself was extremely overcrowded and not as exciting as it seemed to be last year. I think next time we will try some place new. Either way it is always fun (and cheap) to pick out your own Halloween pumpkins, plus, we had Tony and his cousin Chris with us (who had never gone before). Me and Pat got 5 small pumpkins total, and of course I picked up a few minis and some gourds as well.

Since we finished up pretty quickly we decided to head up the road a ways to Airlie, a vineyard nearby. We had gone here before at least once, but I forgot how nice the property was. Despite the dreary sort of weather I walked around the estate a bit to snap a few pictures before we headed home.

[[ pumpkin patch. arilie vineyard. ]]

Here are our pumpkin patch pictures from last year if you would like to check those out as well.