Monday, November 5, 2012

summer recap '12

Now that we are well in to November, and I am (mostly) caught up on all posts, a summer recap is pretty long overdue. So, here we go. This is going to be a really long one... We did so much fun stuff this summer! 

As far as I can tell the events below are all in chronological order, and all image descriptions below are links to the posts themselves if you want to take a look at anything. The only one I have not posted on yet is Brad & Alia's Wedding because they just got their pictures over the weekend. I will get that one up soon and add a link. Here was my recap post from last summer.

[[ meagan's graduation. the used concert. thrice concert. california adventures: palm springs I & II, joshua tree I & II, disneyland I & II, san francisco, road trip home. brad & alia's wedding. fireworks on the 4th. brasada ranch lightning storm. san diego: family reunion, pool day. 7 year anniversary at king estate. newportbend brew fest for pat's birthday. michael franti & spearhead concert. birthday dinner at departure. party at rontoms. chateau rogue hop farm. the first osu football game. nic & molly's wedding reception. silversun pickups concert. ]]