Friday, November 2, 2012

halloween pictures from gypsy
& dia de los muertos

These pictures were taken at Gypsy in Portland where we spent our Halloween. I got all of these photos off of Below are all of the pictures from our group, and some of the other costumes I liked.

[[ pictures from our night at gypsy: me/pat (wayne & garth). deadmau5. dracula. beer pong. psy. dave/hanna (popeye & olive oil). tiff/ashley (gnome & hamburgler). party. more gnomes. slash. ke$ha & la catrina. flo & sgt. dangle. karaoke  bill (bill & ted's excellent adventure & princess leia. me/tiff/ashley (garth, hamburgler, gnome).  ]]

On an unrelated note, today is the last day of the Dia De Los Muertos celebration, which I did not prepare a post for since I am trying to catch myself back up, but here is a picture of my little sugar skull from Megunther. I love the ideas behind this holiday, so I always like to post something for it. Refer to my posts from last year, and the year before for more information on the celebration itself, and some beautiful holiday inspired artwork. 
[[ my sugar skull. ]]