Friday, November 30, 2012

fall has fallen

Time is flying by. I really need it to slow down!

The other day it was the start of Fall, pretty leaves everywhere and a little chill in the air, but this morning when I got out of bed to the sound of pouring rain and wind and saw that all of the leaves have already fallen I couldn't believe I missed it. Tomorrow it will be December... In fact, I would be lying if I said that my Halloween decorations were put away... How did this happen? I guess that is the natural progression of things when your schedule is jam packed with both work and play every minute of every day... but I do wish I could pause every once in a while. (I promise I was not trying to rhyme throughout that paragraph).

I sneak up to the top floor of our building every once in a while to get some shots of downtown (technically it is an event space, but I have the access codes). I figured these would relate nicely to my post since they show time passing. I took the picture on top back in October when the leaves were first starting to turn. The image on the bottom I took this morning right as the rain took a break and caught a rainbow as a happy accident. (in this older post you can see the spring version of this shot as well).

[[ view of downtown from my office building: october, top. november, bottom. ]]