Thursday, November 29, 2012

weekend adventures 62
thanksgiving weekend II

Here are the rest of me and Pats Thanksgiving weekend adventures 
(continued from yesterday). 

saturday (civil war)
In Oregon, you are typically either a Duck fan or a Beaver fan. We, as Alumni of Oregon State, are die hard Beaver fans and so are Pats family members, so we were super excited for Civil War this year, which was at home. Unfortunately the game turned out pretty much the worst it could have gone for us, which I am sure I will hear about endlessly at Christmas time from my family. Once our game was over we watched Stanford win and then played games for the rest of the night. I have to say I was a little relieved to not be in Corvallis after a loss like that... 

[[ beaver pride for civil war. ]]

Me and Pat were feeling a little antsy after sitting around all weekend, so we decided to go in to Bend to wander around downtown a bit. After a while we decided to check out Boneyard Brewing Co. in their little tasting room space, which was amazing! We will definitely be back for more of their beer. They had one that was infused with ghost peppers which was super spicy (and gross in my opinion), but I really appreciate their interesting combinations. Every other beer was delicious, so we had to pick up a growler full. When we were done we headed to Bend Brewing Co. for another drink and snack, and then wandered around Mirror Pond before making our way over to Deschutes for dinner. I had a meeting in the morning, so after getting back to the house we watched a movie and then I got to bed. 

[[ beer tasting at boneyard brewing co. ]]
[[ walking around downtown. mirror pond. ]]

We headed home around five after my meeting was over. There was an impass over the weekend, so the pass was completely clear of snow, which was a stark contrast to the way it looked when we were driving over. We made pretty good time and it felt great to finally be home, as nice as the house over there is, I always get a bit homesick for my own living room on long trips.

[[ the skyline on the drive home. ]]