Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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thanksgiving weekend I

Me and Pat had an especially long weekend with Thanksgiving giving us both Thursday and Friday off, and taking off Monday as well. We got home Monday night, but I decided to save posting about the weekend until today since I had a lot of catching up to do at work. So it will be a short week. Here goes...

wednesday night
After work on Wednesday we immediately loaded up the car and headed over the pass to Pats parents house at Brasada Ranch. There had been a decent snow storm over the pass the week before, so we had our studded tires put on before the drive, which turned out to be a good idea because it was definitely icy, and there were many stranded cars. We finally made it to the house around 9pm after a somewhat stressful drive, ate some dinner, and relaxed for the night since we were both exhausted. 

[[ driving over the snowy pass. ]]

thursday (thanksgiving)
Pats mom literally took care of everything food wise, so there was nothing to do but sit around and watch football... all we did all weekend was watch football... Ugh. We also played some games, like Rummikub which is a game with tiles similar to the card game rummy and playing dominos. I dominate this game for some reason, which was driving pats mom crazy. 

I have celebrated Thanksgiving with Pats family in the past, as he has with mine, but for some reason this year I was feeling really homesick... I think it must have to do with the fact that my baby sister is in college now, so she isn't around every time I am in Portland, which makes me miss her even more than I thought I would. Meagan was at my moms place with my grandparents, so I FaceTimed with her a few times to say hi to everyone and get to see her pretty face. I don't think my grandparents quite grasped the concept that they could see me as well as talk to me, which was pretty entertaining. I also FaceTimed with my dad since he was having Thanksgiving festivities with everyone else at his place, which made me feel a lot better as well. 

We ate dinner around 5:30, which was fine with me because I am not one for the afternoon "dinner". Everything was delicious. Pats mom did an amazing job. The turkey was seriously perfect, and there were a bunch of mashed potatoes just for me, which I ate two giant servings of, and regretted later. I was so full that I couldn't even eat any of the pumpkin pie, which is my second favorit thing!

After dinner we had some wine and then everyone wound down and went to sleep, except for me and Pats little brother Hayden who stayed up late talking and watching Thanksgiving episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Friends.

[[ beautiful morning view. watching a tiny bit of the thanksgiving day parade. ]]

[[ thanksgiving dinner. wine. me/pat being silly. rummikub. friends. ]]

[[ the beautiful thanksgiving sunset. ]]

I am not usually one to participate in the Black Friday hell that people put themselves through, but since  me and Pat were in the market for a new washer and dryer and found a really good deal at a local appliance store, we went out in the morning to see if they had any left, and they did! So, without really even trying we ended up with some major savings. Note to future self... Black Friday is a great time to buy large home items at really good discounts. 

Since we were out we did a little more shopping around, and Pat ran in to one of his old friends who lives in Bend. We grabbed lunch at 10 Barrel Brewing Co., which looked like an awesome place to frequent in the summer because of their large outdoor seating area, and then headed back to the house for some more football and laziness. 

[[ participating in black friday. lunch & tasting at 10 barrel brewing co. ]]

((( I will post the rest of the weekend tomorrow. )))