Monday, December 3, 2012

the last home game

On Saturday me and Pat went with my dad, step mom, and baby sister to our first ever OSU game in The Club! (The area I used to work in). It was also the last OSU home game of the season. Since this game was originally set up as the first, it was against Nicolls State who are a pretty terrible team... and we ended up winning 77-3, which is a new record for the highest scoring home game in OSU history. Although it was raining off and on, our seats were covered so we were nice and dry and relatively warm.

The game was really fun, and I am happy I finally got to go see one with my pops! Hopefully we will be able to catch at least one next year as well. Afterwards we went to dinner and then met up with some of Pats old coworkers at Murphey's to wrap up the night.

[[ club level ticket. pat & dest. festivities. dad & me. me & pat. benny doing gingnam style. the game. ]]