Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"trimming" the tree

Over the weekend I finally took down my Halloween decorations to put up some Christmas goodies instead. Unfortunately we can't get real tree this year (the why is still yet to be revealed) so I busted out our old fake one so that we could still have something to decorate. I have to admit, it does look a little pathetic sitting in our high ceilinged living room at a measly 4(ish) feet tall... but it still makes me smile. I also managed to put up our stockings and the wreath I made on the front door. Little victories.

The best part is that my dad brought me a little box of my favorite childhood ornaments that I have been trying to locate for a while. There is a set of little mice that I loved to play with every year and thought I had lost, so I am extremely happy that they are safely on our little tree this year. The box also contained some of the old wooden ornaments with little messages on them from my Grandparents that I used to receive every year, including my "Baby's First Christmas" ornament. :)

[[ our little christmas tree. ]]

[[ old ornaments from my childhood. ]]