Tuesday, August 21, 2012

i miss you blog...

Dearest blog... I miss you...

Sorry I have been M.I.A. lately... no, not the British chick who's chain hits her chest when she's banging on the dashboard...

It really bothers me that I have not had enough time lately to work on any posts, and that I have had to cut my posting days down significantly all summer long. I am happy that I finally caught up on ALL of my California Adventures, but now I have the rest of the summer to catch up on. Alas... one of these days I will actually get things back to normal. Perhaps the catalyst is working two full time jobs... hmm... there could be something to that...

[[ view from the top of my work building. ]]

[[ moving forward. ]]

Here are some of the things I have yet to document:

- The Hubbard Wedding, Brad & Alia
- A Trip to Brasada
- Me & Pat's 7 Year Anniversary at King Estate
- Newport Trip
- Pat's Bday/Bend Brew Fest
- A ton of random little snippets in between
...and counting... because after this weekend I will have even more business for you!

ugh. I hate daunting lists.