Thursday, October 11, 2012

deftones koi no yokan tour

If you have been following my blog for a while or know me well you probably understand that I have a strong love for the Deftones. So far I have only been able to see them twice, but last time was an amazing adventure in which me and Megan stood in line for several hours outside of The Crystal Ballroom in downtown Portland before their April 15th show to get our very own autographed Vinyls. Although I got extremely sick as a result, it was definitely worth the pay off, and the framed "Covers" album is now one of my most prized possessions. The concert itself was amazing as well, and I was so excited when they started playing Passanger, a song that I dedicated my entire term of Expressive Typography to in college. (Previous Deftones concert posts I & II).

The only thing that put a damper on the show was the fact that I had bought the tickets for me and Pat only minutes before he found out that he had to go to Canada for work the very same day just hours before the concert. Not to mention that the first time I saw them was also a concert that me and Pat were supposed to attend together, the Taste of Chaos tour back in 2006, so we have not had luck thus far.

Which brings me to my point...
To my excitement and surprise about a month ago Deftones announced a new album and upcoming tour to begin in October 2012. Of course I rushed to their website to view the dates and locations and was pleased to see Portland, Oregon listed near the top. I bought my tickets seconds after they went on sale for their Roseland show which is on October 12th, and this time, the two tickets are for me and Pat! We finally get to see them together after two failed attempts!! Yay!

And the icing on the cake? The Deftones have been nice enough to release two songs from their upcoming album for fans to sample, and I am liking what I hear. Pumped!

Here is a preview of Tempest via Sound Cloud.

I will not be posting tomorrow since I have to rush up to Portland for the show, but you can bet I will have a ton of pictures of it next week sometime.