Monday, October 15, 2012

weekend adventures 60

I know I haven't done one of these in a while (since June), so lets have at it. This is my attempt to bring back the Weekend Adventures posts (no promisses, life happens). 

After work me and Pat rushed up to Portland so that we could have some dinner before the Deftones concert. We decide to go to the Rogue Public house in the Pearl so that Pat could add the newly released Pumpkin Ale bottle to his collection. While we were there we had the best server/service ever, and I had some really yummy fish and chips (my first meal of the day, bad Jenn, bad). When dinner was over we headed to the theater to get in to our seats and have a few drinks before the show got started. I had bought our tickets online right when they were released, so our seats were amazing (and assigned), which was awesome. When we got up to the balcony there were two people sitting in them and they tried to play dumb like they thought it was their seats come to find out later that they were just trying to steal peoples... jerks... I paid extra for mine.

[[ our tickets!! ]]

The first band was super weird, and I am pretty sure that some of the members were from System of a Down which explained it all. The frontman had a pretty awesome outfit and some seriously intense dance moves. They also had a head banging keyboardist which was just hilarious. Deftones finally came on and played an amazing and long set. We were in the theatre from 7:30ish until about midnight.  I will go in to details about the show in my main post later this week. I took over 300 pictures, so I have a lot to go through, but I got some really good ones!! After the show we were exhausted so we called it a night, although it was hard to sleep because both of our ears were ringing.

[[ a small preview of the deftones show: roseland sign. us excited. opening band. where we were sitting found on someone elses instagram pic. the show. ]]

We had crashed at my moms place since she lived the closest to all of our Saturday plans, so after visiting with her for a while we ran a few errands at the mall and then went over to our friend Lee's house to watch the OSU game. The game was really really stressful but we caught a big interception at the end and won! We are now 5-0 for the first time in 73 years, which is huge. After the game we had plans to go out and meet some people downtown but this plan sort of turned in to a disaster and me and Pat ended up eating dinner super late at North 45 after wasting a ton of time. The night was not a total loss though, we did end up getting to spend a few hours with Fran, I was not a super happy camper though.

We ran a few more errands and then met up with my dad and littlest sister for some lunch at a restaurant called Old Chicago that I used to work at right after high school. I think I had only been in there one time since I left, so it was pretty entertaining for me. It is really hard to get one on one time with my dad, so any time I can confine him to a booth to talk works out pretty well for me. When we were finished up we said goodbye and then drove out to Carlton to pick up some wine. Of course we ended up tasting and buying more wine, before heading home to open a bottle and eat some dinner.

[[ foggy drive home saturday night. folin tasting. seven of hearts accidental reflection of us. ]]