Wednesday, October 10, 2012

iphone 5

Its here! Finally! Once again I have a real phone, the new iPhone 5 all shiny and ready to play with... I mean... make phone calls with and check emails...

Since my iPhone was crushed by an intern at work, I ordered the new one and have been anxiously awaiting its arrival at my doorstep. In the meantime I had been using a loaner Blackberry which was just not doing it for me at all. So, when I finally got a shipping notification last week that my phone, was leaving China and would be arriving at my doorstep today, I was ecstatic! Admittedly, I have been checking the tracking all week.

It took me a while to get everything set up, but then again, I am kind of a perfectionist. Luckily, Pat did a full back up of my old phone in iTunes, so all I had to do is plug it in and run a restore to get all of my contacts, calendar events, and photos back. Plus, when I reinstalled my apps I was really pleasantly surprised to find that all of my user information and pictures were saved in them as well! Of course, installing over 2,000 songs took a while, but one thing I noticed right off the bat is that this thing is FAST!

Seeing as I just got it operational, I have not been able to play with all of the new settings yet, but here are some things I have noticed so far (keep in mind that I had an iPhone 4 before, not a 4s, so there are quite a few upgrades for me):

- Siri is not only hilarious, but really smart, and very helpful as a hands free option. You can ask her to text for you, read you your messages, or find a location for you and direct you there, all of which should really come in handy when driving. I even asked her "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood." to which she responded, "It depends on whether you are talking about the African or European woodchuck."

- The new phone is a LOT faster, whether you are running apps, looking something up on the internet, loading a complex website, or taking pictures.

- The speakers are a LOT louder.

- I have not been able to play with the camera a ton yet, but so far I have noticed that the clarity on the back camera looks a lot better, and the panorama capability is pretty sweet and I can see myself using it a lot. I have heard that the upgraded lens works a lot better in low light as well, which I will test out this weekend.

- Obviously, its thinner, taller, very lightweight and extremely sleek. In fact, without a case on this bad boy I am almost afraid to touch it unless I am sitting down! Not to say that it doesn't look sturdy, its just that I have a track record of being extremely clumsy... and also paranoid...

Now all I need is a to pick up a case this weekend, and I will be all set! I was sad to see my other phone go, and not pumped about shelling out the money immediately for the new one, but after being without one for a month I know it was well worth it. Plus, I finally have something before Pat does, (mwahaha).