Monday, July 2, 2012

congratulations to the hubbards !

I just wanted to say congratulations once again, to these two love doves, Brad and Alia, who got married over the weekend at Rock Springs Ranch in Bend, Oregon! Despite a cold for the bride, and weather forecast threatening them with rain and thunderstorms, the day turned out absolutely perfect and they were able to hold the ceremony and dancing outside as planned. In fact, other than one brief downpour while the couple was out taking pictures, the weather only interrupted once with thunder immediately after vows were exchanged. A perfect example of how nice little surprises can come out of chaos.

[[ pictures taken by me right after brad proposed in late 2010. ]]

I will wait until the professional photos taken by Michelle Pearl Gee are released to post any from the wedding since I failed to take any myself (which is very unlike me...and I am not too happy about in retrospect). Hopefully they actually post all of them because there should be quite a few good ones of me, Pat, and others since we took advantage of a mini photo shoot during the reception. Not to mention that Pat was best man, and I cannot wait to see the pictures of him all gussied up in his suit. :)

I also figured now would be a good time to link back to some of my older posts pertaining to this event. A few months back I designed their wedding invitations which I posted shortly after they were mailed out. It was also at Brasada Ranch in the winter of 2010 that these two got engaged and I was around to take some pictures for them right afterwards (as seen above).