Thursday, June 28, 2012

i'm a bad influence :p

(not really)

The day after my littles high school graduation I took Meagan to get her belly button pierced. This is something she had been wanting for a long time but couldn't do because of cheer. Though I no longer have it, I also got mine pierced, back when I was 16. Pretty standard.

She got really nervous leading up to the actual procedure, and poor Meagan is so tiny that the piercer actually had a hard time getting everything in to position which I am sure was not helping. She took it like a champ though and now has a little pierced belly button.

Think about it this way parental units: at least it is not her tongue (I got a lot of flack for that one at the time), or gauged ears like mine.

[[ my little getting her belly button pierced. ]]