Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the used (6/11)

To continue on with recapping our weekend of concerts...
Monday 6/11 me, Pat, Tony, and Megan went to see The Used at The Roseland in downtown Portland. This was my very first time seeing them live and it was better than expected!! 18 year old me would have been so pumped!

Unfortunately this concert happened to take place on one of the busiest days of my life sandwiched between attending my little sisters high school graduation and working until 4am at her grad night. In fact, the concert actually began while her ceremony was just getting started. Right after Meagan's name was called (thank goodness our last name starts with a B) me and Pat had to take off early and haul ass to the show. Same venue, two nights, two bands. We made it in amazingly good time through a series of green lights and some moderate speeding... We got inside and upstairs right when the second opening band was finishing up, so we only had to wait about twenty minutes before they came on. Perfection... very stressful... but it ended up working out great. 

I am definitely not as enamored (to say the least) with The Used's new material as I was with their older albums, so I was really nervous that I missed my window for seeing them and that this show would end up being an hour of the new. Luckily, I was wrong! Although they did end up playing a lot of new material, it was actually the better of the bunch and really high energy in concert. I was super excited when they played "Buried Myself Alive", "Listening", and "A Box of Sharp Objects" especially since they incorporated a "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Nirvana) intro into that last one. Pretty sweet. We actually made it down on the floor for this one as well and ended up crowd surfing a giant cigarette... yes... true story. Little did I know that Portland was the very last stop on their tour, so they decided to end it off by filming a music video for one of their new songs "Put Me Out" at our show. That was definitely a first for me. Perhaps I will show up for a split second on film, who knows. 

[[ the used performing in portland oregon. ]]

Basically it was a really fun show and I was sad that I had to take off immediately after it to work grad night because I definitely had a "concert high" after. Despite their new sound not always being to my liking they definitely performed and I will see them again 100% if I get the chance. 

((( here is the setlist if you are curious. )))