Thursday, April 12, 2012

b & a wedding invitations

Our good friend Brad is getting married this summer to his long time girlfriend/fiance Alia. She approached me a while ago about potentially doing their invitations for them and I of course agreed, but it was not until about a month ago that the subject was brought up again.

They had a style in mind as well as their wedding colors and had already sent out electronic save the dates, so I only designed the invitation itself, which is very heavy on typography arrangement. I utilized a bit of ornamentation to organize the text and customized the font used for their names to fit better within the piece. Originally there were no boarders at the top and bottom, but Alia expressed that she wanted those upon her final review, so they were added at the end. The couple did the printing themselves on a textured paper they received from a friend. The map was created by Alia, who is a GIS analist, and was printed on the back. The turn around/working time on this was about two weeks as time between my jobs allowed.

Here is the final product.
(Their wedding colors are blue and orange, Alia provided the RGB values).

[[ final invitations. ]]