Tuesday, March 6, 2012

country cake shop

I threw up this post a while ago about some of my current freelance projects, primarily focusing on little sneak peaks of a logo design for Country Cake Shop. Well, as promised I have a few completed projects to put up on the blog, but figured I would start with this one.

Pats old friend Sara is starting up a new bakery called Country Cake Shop specializing in special event concoctions and I agreed to work on a new logo for her. (I had done some ads for her other project Baby Cakes Bakehouse about a year ago as you might remember from this old post). She wanted the shop to be represented by a barn/country cottage that was a little bit cutesy but also rustic and a bit realistic. I worked on a few different directions but she ultimately decided on this one. I made everything from scratch in Illustrator over a few nights, and we agreed to call it a professional trade, so now whenever I am ready for a wedding cake I have that covered. :) This is definitely one of my favorite ways to do business with friends. Her shop should be up and running soon.

[[ country cake shop logo design. ]]