Friday, March 23, 2012

accidentally excited for the hunger games
... shh, don't tell

Ok, so I may have accidentally gotten a little more into The Hunger Games then I originally intended to...

I swear I will stop posting about these silly books soon! Probably just one more after I actually see the movie, so bare with me.

[[ poster compilation from imdb. ]]

Upon beginning the series I put up this post with my initial reactions and comparisons which I concluded were pretty spot on once I completed the series and posted a second time. I thoroughly enjoyed the books but decided not to pay too much attention to all of the film hysteria. However, my attempts were a little bit trumped by my lingering curiosity and maybe a little bit of excitement. I could not help but purchase the special editions of Entertainment Weekly and People magazine when I came across their covers glaring at me while picking up my groceries. I similarly could not help but look up some early film reviews to ease my worry of this turning in to a teen franchise with no actual claim as a quality adaptation. So fine Hunger Games, I surrender. After reading a few reviews I am finding myself pleasantly surprised and actually more eager to see the film.

The most important review of not only the film but the book as well is this article by Greg Garrett. He goes into detail about the story itself comparing and contrasting it with our current society which is exactly what I was thinking the entire time. He even agrees with my early review comparing aspects of the story to "A Brave New World". I knew I was on to something...

If you want to read a well written review that is simply about the movie the following article by Jenny Block was quite satisfactory, though be aware that there are SPOILERS in this one if you are not familiar with the books.

I will undoubtably be adding my own little review upon seeing the movie, but who knows when that will be. No, I did not go see it at midnight last night, nor do I intend to see it today, or anytime this weekend. I live in a town with only two theaters and a large import of 18 year olds on top of the standard amounts of high schoolers for a city this size, so that sounds like a nightmare. Plus, I am not positive I will be able to convince Pat to see it with me so I will have to enlist the help of someone else. I do feel a little bit silly for being so interested in this super mainstream story especially with as popular as it is among high schoolers, but, what can I say, sometimes it happens. Case and point, Harry Potter. So bring it on. I am hoping for a well made trio of movies.