Thursday, March 22, 2012

snow on spring break

For those of us in Oregon, this week marks the beginning of Spring Break, which would normally bring to mind sunshine and tropical adventures to far away lands. What do we get? Snow... lots of snow...

It literally snowed the entire day yesterday. No exaggeration. When I woke up it was dumping heavy snow, and it never stopped until sometime while I was sleeping. (The power also went out around 3am, not sure what that was all about since we had it this morning). After I got ready for work I went outside with my camera to shoot a few pictures and see just how much snow we got. According to my ruler, a full seven inches, and around here that is quite a lot for one day.

Is it so wrong that I was really hoping for a snow day? Sometimes being a "grownup" is rough. By now the sun is surely out starting to melt through the layers, and by tonight there will most likely be an icy slushy mess to contend with. My biggest wonder is am I going to have to do a Flooding in Corvallis part two post after all the water flows in to the rivers? I guess we will find out.

Now then, onto the pretty pictures, because fresh untouched snow is undoubtably lovely.

[[ snow in corvallis from my iphone. yesterday & today. ]]

[[ the snow this morning at my house. ]]