Friday, February 10, 2012

the hunger games - wrap up

Yesterday while I was working on my image heavy post I finished listening to The Hunger Games series. Each book took about two work days to get through, so it was a pretty quick listen. Despite hearing from someone else who hated the ending, I actually liked it. I thought they finished exactly how they were supposed to, (though I did think the epilogue was a bit unnecessary, but no matter). It would have never worked with a fairytale ending. I can't really say much more than that without giving anything away, but I had a good time with them and the author did an amazing job of creating a new world for readers to emerse themselves in.

After quickly finishing the first book I kind of had a feeling of where the series would go, but there were definitely lots of twists I did not see coming, and of course I could have never actually guessed how it would go from point a to my assumed version of point b. My main criticism was the love triangle throughout the books which I could have happily done without, not completely because some of it was necessary for character development, but perhaps a little less heavy handed. Luckily there was enough of a plot outside of that detail to keep me interested. So, overall I would say it was an entertaining, disturbing, thought provolking, and can't-put-this-down type of "read" with plenty of interesting turns and details, and I would recommend it to anyone interested.

I will watch the movie eventually I am sure, but based on the marketing I think it is going to be a washed down teen version. Thats what I get for reading a popular book among teens haha, oops. The book has young characters, but the story is really about the brutality of a government and revolution, not sure I anticipate that being conveyed too intensely in the film(s), but, I can always hope they keep some darkness to them.

[[ district seals, from google images. ]]