Friday, February 24, 2012

monster mash (2010)

In 2010 everyone was all over the place after having graduated, but we all came together at Colleens house in Portland for her birthday party. She decided that she wanted to theme this one "Monster Mash" so that everyone would dress up as some sort of monster or villain. Me and Tiff worked on the decorations, along with Colleens help and came over early to help set up and then start getting ready.

I decided to be Medusa and had bought and painted a ton of tiny snakes to put in my hair, which ended up working pretty well. Everything was being held up with literally hundreds of bobbi pins, so since my hair is really really thick/heavy, they started falling out towards the end of the night and we found snakes everywhere the next morning. (I want to try this costume again sometime, but a more scary/traditional version with Greek carb).

Colleen was Max from Where The Wildthings Are, and made her entire costume from scratch! Tiff bought some hoodies from AA and monsterified them with eyes and teeth for her and Jason (which looked awesome). There was also cookie monster, Sam was "the bearded lady", and Megan was Bride of Frankenstein. Pat couldn't make it for some reason, so no costume for him.

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[[ pictures from colleens monster mash party. 2010. ]]

Of course, last year was Robot Party (2011) (<-- link), which I posted on the blog already! Robots was definitely the most costume creative and tricky party to maneuver! I love getting creative for costume parties! I am excited to see how everyones costumes turn out for Colleen's Spirit Animal birthday party tomorrow night.